A cost effective and non-intrusive sensing solution that reduces operation costs, enhances productivity, and assists in improving occupant’s well-being in the workplace.

PointGrab provides the CogniPoint sensing platform comprising of workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud management system that provides a cornerstone for the flexible workplace be sensing and processing occupancy data that is enriched and highly accurate. The workspace sensors are installed in the ceiling and monitor pre-defined “Areas of Interest.” The sensors detect people’s presence, locations, and numbers, and send analytics data to the management system over a secure, encrypted network connection. The real-time analytics data can report into integrated 3rd-party systems.

How to enable

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Key features

  • Combine Condeco booking data with sensors data to understand workspace usage and utilization across your business.
  • Large detection area.
  • The CogniPoint™ sensor can be configured to detect and count bi-directional movement over a specific virtual line.

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  • Condeco Cloud
  • Condeco API
  • Supported sensors
  • Access to PointGrab system

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