A single platform for making your space more efficient, sustainable, and cost effective by enabling data drive decisions in real time.

Metrikus helps to optimize a building’s environment, maintenance, usage, and health. Metrikus connects building assets and sensors into a single digital platform and provides a 24/7, real-time information on all aspects of the estate that are relevant. Metrikus helps customers gain insight into three key areas: critical asset maintenance, space utilization, and the health of a building’s physical environment, impacting the people who work there, making your space more efficient, sustainable, and cost effective.

How to enable

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Key features

  • Condeco workspace booking and real-time occupancy data can be viewed for a whole portfolio, or for more in-depth analysis at a building, floorplate, zone or individual room level.
  • Understand booking intent vs behaviours and identify patterns in occupancy to improve your office.
  • Gain insights in to how the occupancy of your building and different areas within it change throughout the day.

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  • Condeco Cloud
  • Condeco API
  • Supported sensors
  • Access to Metrikus system

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