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Better workspace management for a changing business world

Legal firms are fighting challenges on many fronts: increased competition for clients, ambitious newcomers in the marketplace, higher service expectations and the need to digitally transform. Reshaping workplaces to meet these new demands is a key part of the response, and Condeco solutions can help make it happen, enabling efficiency, productivity and professionalism.

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Create a more efficient workplace

The need to optimize space and processes to ensure financial success.

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Remove administrative burdens

Saving time on the admin of managing space frees up employees to focus on doing their job.

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Enhance client experiences

Delivering an exceptional client experience when they visit the office.

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Right-size real estate

With office space at a premium it’s important to optimize how space is used.

Create a more efficient workplace

Cost management and profitability are key weapons in providing the financial agility to respond to external pressures, especially with regards to real estate. Ensuring meeting rooms, desks, workspaces and the technologies used are optimized for effectiveness and efficiency is critical for success.

Condeco solutions enable this by empowering people to find the right places, the right people and the right assets to produce their best work and collaborate with their colleagues, whenever they need to. However mobile today’s employees may be, and however they want to work, this integrated approach cuts stress, costs and times from operations, day after day and for every type of employee.

Did you know?

“The legal sector is already undergoing significant change and the law firm of the future is going to look very different. With efficiencies driven by AI, removing many procedural tasks from junior employees and paralegals, it would seem an obvious conclusion to anticipate the legal profession moving to a more creative, consultancy-based mindset.”

Source: Workplace Insight

Remove administrative burdens

Every minute spent on admin tasks in legal firms is a minute of billable client work lost. And in today’s highly competitive landscape, this lost time quickly adds up, along with the knock-on effects on employee retention, satisfaction and potential burnout.

Condeco relieves this burden by making the booking of workstations for office visits and meeting rooms for client conferences a quick, easy and clear process. With mobile app integration complementing desktop functionality, bookings can be made on the go in seconds.

Enhance client experiences

Clients expect legal partners to deliver positive, professional experiences from the moment they arrive at an office. Meeting spaces, people, equipment and even catering should be organised and timely, and the impression these touches can leave can be critical to client recruitment and retention.

Condeco delivers this seamless and professional experience by stripping away the barriers between the physical real estate. Every single element of the perfect client meeting can be coordinated through a single platform, engaging and notifying every relevant employee of their responsibilities, and ensuring every aspect is always covered with simplicity.

Right-size your real estate

Meeting rooms, offices, collaboration spaces are all at a premium in every law firm, but finding the space to work together and doing so in a way people can concentrate on the task at hand is critical for success.

Condeco technology can help optimize how space is used, giving better access to space booking, and reporting on what is and isn’t needed. This vital data can be used to plan a reshaping of space, so that the costs of unnecessary real estate can be drastically cut.

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Legal firm FAQs

We’re constantly working with legal firms to solve their workspace challenges. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.

Condeco supports the digitization of the workplace providing easy-to-use booking tools for employees and administrators alike. Condeco can support visitor management and gives busy front-of-house teams a simpler way to manage complex space bookings.

In the legal sector, a private office is important to employees. With agile working, you can embrace change and give employees more choice and control over their choice of workspace. Whether that’s a private office, meeting or case rooms, or a focus space, they can choose where best to work for them.

Many of our legal companies utilize our meeting room booking system to manage busy and complex room requirements with visitor and vendor management which, alongside our desk booking solution, helps manage office space effectively for employees.

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