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Improve agility and productivity

Fully integrated scheduling that eliminates time wasted on admin.

Modernize business processes

Find more efficient ways of working, driven by data and analytics.

Maximize use of assets

Transparent scheduling that highlights availability and guides future planning.

Improve agility and productivity

The demands on healthcare bodies are increasing all the time, both in quantity and in the breadth of different requirements. But time and funding are often limited, and so efficiencies must be found to get more done with existing resources.

Our technology not only helps support this through bringing employee and space scheduling together, but through integration with third-party technology like Electronic Patient Systems to make day-to-day operations connected and seamless.



Modernize business processes

The fast pace of technological advances means there is a constant need for healthcare organizations to evolve and stay at the forefront of modern practices. Those who don’t will struggle to deliver outcomes like low waiting times that patients expect.

Our systems can be used for the booking and scheduling of virtually anything in the working environment, from outpatient rooms and operating theatres to clinical equipment needed for individual consultation. In turn this gives all employees a clear view of what is available, where and when, as well as providing usage data that can guide future planning.

Did you know?

As healthcare bodies have recognized the potential of big data for the sector, the size of the global market for healthcare big data is expected to grow by 476% between 2018 and 2023.

Source: medgadget.com

Maximize use of assets

Financial pressure means that there is no room for wastage for many healthcare organizations, and it’s therefore vital to get the most from every asset, including real estate.

Powerful workspace analytics tools embedded within Condeco solutions can uncover insights that can show the way forward, guiding healthcare professionals towards more efficient processes that utilize their time better and make the most of their real estate.

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Healthcare workplace system FAQs

We’re constantly working with healthcare providers to solve their workspace challenges. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.

Yes. Our technology can ensure all treatment and consulting rooms are used at the right times for the right appointments.

By effective planning and modelling of predictive usage, and real-time insights into current usage.

Absolutely. Condeco can schedule any space in a hospital, including consulting rooms, clinical rooms, offices, parking spaces, lockers, collaboration spaces, safety resources, and more.

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