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Agile workspace management for Government organizations

Meet the demands of a changing world with workspace technology that supports efficiency, productivity and flexible service delivery.

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Attract and retain talent

Enable seamless flexibility for maximum employee satisfaction.

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Boost agility and productivity

Develop a working environment that supports evolving needs.

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Connect complex teams and cultures

Create spaces where teams of people can come together.

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Right-size real estate

Maximize efficiencies through optimized use of working spaces.

Attract and retain talent

To provide the best possible services to the populations that they serve, public-sector workers need to be productive in their jobs. To do that, they need to feel happy and valued, and not stressed or inefficient. That means helping them work in the ways and places that best suit them.

Our solutions help achieve this by allowing government bodies to embrace flexible working models in an integrated, secure way. With the right rules and permissions in place, along with top-quality security standards, employees can access space and resources to organize their schedules so that they can move between remote work and office work without compromise.

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“Condeco allows us to manage space and ensure people are accommodated in the right place at the right time. It is clear from outside the rooms who is in them and the name of the meeting.”

– User in Government Administration,

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Condeco has been selected to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework, making its leading software and systems available to thousands of government departments across the UK.


Boost agility and productivity

The world around us all is changing, which is putting new pressures on governments and public bodies. More flexible approaches to work in general mean that the delivery of public services must be similarly flexible and adaptable in order to properly respond.

Our technology helps make office space like workstations and meeting rooms open to the evolving needs of employees and teams. When a new project is beginning, or a rapid response is required, suitable and workspaces can be found, booked and allocated to all relevant employees in moments.

Connect complex teams and cultures

Bringing together people who work remotely can be difficult, especially when they cross as many roles and skill sets as are found in the public sector. But doing so is a vital part of improving teamwork, creativity, productivity and mental well-being.

With Condeco’s scheduling and management solutions, public servants can plan ahead to book a space that allows them to collaborate or socialize in the right place at the right time. With an integrated ability to organize video conferencing, visitors and even catering needs too, it covers every part of helping people collaborate.


Did you know?

Presenteeism, where employees attend work even though their mental health is suffering, costs the UK public sector £5.9billion a year.

Source: Deloitte

Right-size real estate

Public bodies are under constant pressure to deliver maximum value for money in the services they deliver to the taxpayer. Its office estate is no exception to this, and it’s vital that organizations make the most of their existing resources.

Through our workspace scheduling software that’s integrated and transparent, every employee can check the availability of every space, whenever they’re working and wherever they are, and instantly make a booking. Understanding this usage through analytics then helps organizations scale their workspace environment to the optimum level.

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Government workplace system FAQs

We’re constantly working with government organizations to solve their workspace challenges. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.

Condeco maximizes the return on one of the most expensive parts of Government: real estate. By maximizing the use of every space, from meeting room to office to desk to parking space, we ensure every space is fully utilized and you can right-size to what you really need.

Condeco makes it easy to find colleagues and meet in a convenient space to make it simple to work together, collaborate and promote socialization.

Condeco digitizes the entire physical workspace, which immediately makes every part of it searchable, understandable and bookable.

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