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Flexible solutions for a changing industry

Never before have financial services organizations faced pressure from so many different areas simultaneously. Digital transformation, automation, and emerging FinTech challengers mean businesses must adapt in order to survive and thrive. Adapting workspaces to this ‘new normal’ is an essential element of this transition.

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Connect complex teams

Easily bring teams together across multiple locations and time zones.

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Attract and retain talent

Offer better ways of working to empower the right people with the right skills.

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Maximize use of assets

Reshape your workspaces to get the most of your real estate.

Connect complex teams

Financial services teams are often distributed worldwide, with huge disparity in locations, time zones, and in their collaboration technologies. This adds complexity to team working, both internally and when external organizations become involved in projects.

Condeco technology bridges these gaps seamlessly with a fully integrated approach that employers need and employees want.

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“After researching multiple solutions, our company identified Condeco as one of the leading solutions in room and desk booking. Desk booking delivers on the requirement of allowing employees to book desks for the day. A plus for us was that room booking integrated with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users from any location to use the system in our HQ”

– Consultant in Banking,

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Condeco has been awarded the FSQS Accreditation for the financial services sector. The FSQS Accreditation is a benchmark used by major UK banks and financial institutions when selecting suppliers. Condeco’s commitment to the FSQS certification process, demonstrates our commitment and credentials to our customers in the industry.

Attract and retain talent

Competition for financial services talent is fierce among established organizations and ambitious new entrants alike. And at a time when millennials are shunning traditional ways of working and are placing a high value on work-life balance, businesses must look beyond money to find ways of finding and keeping the best employees around.

Condeco supports this drive for excellence by making working lives easier and more user-friendly. We can help make sure the right people are in the right places at the right times, and using the right tools, reducing stress and disorganization and encouraging better employee attitudes and outcomes.

Maximize use of assets

Established organizations are under pressure from ambitious FinTech start-ups who aren’t weighed down by legacy systems, processes and facilities. As a result, it’s critical for financial services companies to make the best use of their existing assets and expensive real estate through internal optimization.

Condeco enables this through the virtualization of workstations, offices and meeting rooms and connecting them to the people who use them. By ensuring employees get the workspaces they need to be productive, and that every workspace is used to the best of its potential, businesses can cut material costs without harming operations and free up funds for new projects and developments.

Did you know?

The impact of COVID-19 on the sector will be long-lasting: only one quarter of US finance executives expect to return to pre-pandemic levels of employment or revenue by the summer of 2021.

Source: The CFO Survey

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Financial services FAQs

We’re constantly working with insurers, banks, and wealth management firms to solve their workspace challenges. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.

Condeco supports the digitization of the workplace providing easy-to-use booking tools for employees and administrators alike. Condeco can support visitor management and gives busy front-of-house teams a simpler way to manage complex space bookings.

Condeco makes booking meetings across locations and timezones quick and easy. Our calendar booking tool shows you which spaces are available in the location and allows the right one to be booked in one easy process. Add in Zoom or Teams meetings directly in the booking for easy connectivity.

Many of our financial services companies utilize our meeting room booking system to manage busy and complex room requirements with visitor and vendor management. Alongside our desk booking solution to help manage office space effectively for employees.

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