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Seismic change is impacting energy businesses all over the world: volatile trading, new energy demands, human demographic changes, new entrants in the marketplace and environmental impacts. All these means organizations must look at making major changes in the months and years to come, including in their working environments. Only with workplaces that maximize facilities and enable employee productivity can energy businesses chart a path through uncertain times.

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Enable flexible working

Empower employees by allowing them to work and collaborate from anywhere.

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Modernize your business

Use tools and technology to support the shift towards a digitally native workforce.

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Foster efficient collaboration

Right-size environments to worker demand whilst maintaining collaboration benefits.

Enable flexible working

Today’s energy industry is global, with workforces spread across disparate locations and traveling frequently. But wherever and whenever they’re working, they need to connect to the right colleagues at the right times with the right technologies in order to ensure efficient and effective co-operation.

Condeco technology makes this simple with full integration for collaboration and scheduling, so whatever device they’re using, workers always know who they can connect with, where, and when.

Modernize your business

The demographic of the energy industry is becoming younger all the time. New entrants are digitally native and have different demands around their working environments, the overall workplace culture, and the technology they’re given to get their jobs done.

Condeco solutions can help businesses adjust to this change by removing the barrier between physical and virtual workplaces. However employees want to work, they can easily find and reserve the workspace they need, when they need it, and enable the more flexible ways of working that talented employees look for in prospective employers.

Foster efficient collaboration

The demands on physical workplaces are changing dramatically, but businesses still need to maximize the use and cost efficiency of the space at their disposal, even as more employees work flexibly.

Condeco workspace management technology optimizes the use of every workstation and meeting room within any office environment. By helping employees quickly and easily match their productivity and collaboration needs to space availability, no time is wasted in scheduling administration, and businesses get the most use possible out of space and equipment alike, cutting running costs.

Did you know?

While COVID-19 has caused global energy investment to drop by 18% in 2020, demand for renewable energy rose by 0.9%, suggesting major shifts in lines of business in the sector.

Source: International Energy Agency

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Energy & Utilities FAQs

We’re constantly working with energy and utility companies to solve their workspace challenges. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.

Condeco supports the digitization of the workplace providing easy-to-use booking tools for employees and administrators alike. These enable your staff, wherever they may be working, to get access to the tools and space they need to work effectively.

Condeco makes booking meetings across locations and timezones quick and easy. Our calendar booking tool shows you which spaces are available in the location and allows the right one to be booked in one easy process. Add in Zoom or Teams meetings directly in the booking for easy connectivity.

Many of our energy companies utilize our desk booking solution to help manage office space effectively for employee, giving them easy booking of workspace when they need to come into the office, and to organise meetings.

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