Meeting Room Wayfinder

Show me the way.

Get straight to your booked workspace with visible meeting room information and direction displays.

Give clear directions.

Wayfinder does more than direct you and your visitors to the right meeting room. It also shows details of current and upcoming meetings and room status, so that all attendees always have the complete picture.

Check room availability.

If you need a real-time view of which rooms are free and which are busy, the Wayfinder is your go-to information point to help you quickly find a meeting room that meets your needs.

Configure to your needs.

Any way, any size.

Wayfinder can complement any communal space or reception area. Whatever the size of screen, and whether portrait or landscape, it’s always there to guide the way.

Your choice of views.

With Wayfinder, you get a choice of room view or meeting view to suit your requirements. Room view displays a list of rooms along with directions, meeting titles and hosts, and upcoming meetings. Meeting view, meanwhile, displays meeting info in chronological order: what’s next, where it is, who has organized it and how you can get there.

Stand out with branding.

Wayfinder screens are fully customizable, with corporate branding options for a professional look, and color schemes that complement your business designs and interiors.

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Wayfinder helps you, your co-workers and your visitors get straight to your booked meeting room on time and with ease. It works on existing visual hardware or on any web-enabled screen, easily matching your workplace needs and design. Seamlessly interacting with the wider Condeco system, any changes in meeting times or locations are automatically updated in Wayfinder, so the information it displays is always accurate.

Any workspaces with large numbers of meeting spaces, or with regular external visitors, would benefit from Wayfinder. The visible meeting room information and direction displays for a professional look that gets the right people to the right places, every time.

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