Global leader in enterprise level workspace solutions addresses major cultural shift in how businesses are redefining the workplace.

NEW YORK, NY – October 26th, 2021Condeco, a global leader in workspace scheduling software, is today announcing the repositioning of its brand to directly address the immediate need for businesses to provide their employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, leading to enhanced performance and better business outcomes.

“It is no secret that COVID-19 has accelerated a major cultural shift in the relationship between businesses and their employees,” said Paul Statham, CEO and Founder of Condeco. “Work is now something you do, an outcome, not a place or a time and employees want to be able to work flexibly. They want to be measured on their output, not their input.”

With the introduction of a more flexible approach to when and where to work, organizations have an opportunity to optimize their offices without impacting productivity or the employee experience. Progressive companies are recognizing the value of reinvesting savings into creating a flexible workplace that’s more fun, more engaging and more collaborative – creating a seamless work experience whether teams are working from home or in the office. Business leaders also need intelligent data analytics so they can measure how their office really works and glean valuable insights into why employees are using specific spaces so they can understand what they need to be more productive and engaged.

For every business, the first step on this journey is to digitize the office and provide everyone with the necessary workspace tools so that they can confidently book the desk, meeting room and parking spaces they need. These tools should be designed to anticipate an employee’s every need and help them get to better outcomes. Condeco workspace solutions are not just about organizing time and space, they are about setting everyone up for success.

“There is a global conversation happening right now around the definition of terms like the hybrid workplace and flexible working, what they mean and what they imply,” continued Statham. “It’s like the old cliché – “you say tomayto, I say tomato”. The terminology is not what’s important, what is important is the ability of employers to deliver a workspace where employees can do their best work and drive culture and innovation. However you choose to work, whether you collaborate at the office or focus remotely, our solutions give employees and employers everything they need to work flexibly. The conversation right now is focused on the future of work. At Condeco, we are preparing for the future at work.”

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About Condeco
Condeco is the global leader in enterprise level workspace solutions. Our scheduling software is designed to equip employees with the right tools to help them best manage their flexible workday. By giving employees control over the flexibility to work from anywhere – whether they choose to collaborate at the office or to focus on work remotely – our technology creates better outcomes for businesses. Today, we are trusted by over 2000 of the world’s largest companies to enable their future at work.

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