As we look into the workplace of the future, with an increased focus on enabling agile working with a renewed focus on remote working what does our new work environment look like and how do we support the adoption of flexible work practices?

Our research shows that enabling an agile working environment and supporting the mobile workforce are top priorities for businesses.

In this video, we discuss how with Condeco you can enable a more agile workplace; how flexible working arrangements will become normal; and how the workplace is changing and how we can look to prepare and react to that change with easy-to-use technology.

70% of those surveyed said they expect more remote working in the next three years.

With the shift towards the adoption of remote working when employees need focus time and then coming into the office when they need collaboration. This changes the nature of our work environments and how they deliver for our employees. Giving your employees choice and control over the spaces they need to work and supporting a higher need for mobility.

With workspace technology playing an ever bigger part in how you can facilitate that evolution, and how we can manage the pressure on our changing workplace needs in the new world of work.