Mobile app, Smart Calendar and workspace types help simplify flexible work.

New York, July 1, 2021 – Condeco, a worldwide leader in workspace scheduling software solutions, announced today three significant enhancements to its platform that put the employee at the center of flexible work. An improved mobile app experience enables you to easily schedule the right space for your workday and meetings. Smart Calendar provides seamless scheduling of meeting spaces from Outlook and automatically reschedules a suitable space if an event changes. Flexible workspace types enable scheduling support for any kind of space in the office. You can easily book all the spaces you need including collaboration spaces, parking spaces and lockers, desks, and meeting rooms.

“This trio of new capabilities will deliver a better employee experience by enabling you to easily find the right place for productive work,” says Peter Otto, Chief Product Officer, Condeco. “We are sure these improvements will help our existing and new customers execute their flexible working strategies in the months ahead.”

Condeco’s new mobile app for iOS and Android lets you find and book the workspaces you need from the palm of your hand and self-certify your health status. You can check the availability of meeting spaces, personal spaces such as desks, manage your reservations and locate colleagues. You can get all the information you need from a single app, check-in with ease, connect with co-workers, plan the week ahead, and adjust bookings instantly.

Condeco Smart Calendar seamlessly integrates workspace booking with Microsoft Outlook calendar across Outlook 365 for PC, Mac, and Web Access. Condeco’s advanced calendar integration ensures that bookings never break when an event moves or changes: the system automatically finds a suitable replacement if the original space is not available. Full integration with in-room video equipment, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, provides a seamless experience when arriving to the room.

Flexible workspace types enable customers to expand booking capabilities beyond just desks and meeting rooms to include any bookable space in the office, for example, lockers, parking spaces, phone booths or even sports facilities. You can offer a wider range of space for your employees to schedule so they can easily find and reserve the right space for a given activity.

“As new working arrangements become more the norm in a post-pandemic environment, the employees’ workplace experience and the ability to easily find the right workspace for a given activity has taken on new levels of importance for our customers,” continues Otto. “The launch of these enhancements demonstrate that we are working hand-in-hand with our customers, listening to what they need, and delivering capabilities that are required for the future of work.”

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