As worksites reopen, offices may operate differently than before the pandemic

Reserving Office Space

Condeco Software, an office management technology firm, created a back-to-the-office online guide with examples of what companies should consider when bringing back office workers.

As knowledge workers return to their worksites, “the spaces they’ll find will be very different,” with enhanced hygiene and social distancing precautions in place for some time to come, said Paul Statham, Condeco’s CEO.

“Another way that offices might look different compared to pre-pandemic times is that employees may be asked to make a reservation for office or cube space, as desks may be shared moving forward,” he noted. “With the rise in full-time and partial remote work, there’s no need for the level of floor space that companies previously had.”

In this world of hybrid office and remote work, Statham said, employers can take steps to manage the new scheme:

  • Controlling office occupancy: Companies can manage occupancy by having employees book space through an online platform when they want to be in the office. Office workers can use their cellphones to check which desks are booked and which are closed and find where colleagues are working.
  • Applying workforce analytics. Office space monitoring technology can help companies understand space usage to improve workplace design by reshaping office spaces to respond to changing business needs.

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