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Smarter occupancy, greater productivity.

Businesses are facing a new set of challenges, including how to make the most of office space as employee working models change. Through workspace occupancy monitoring and management, businesses can use their space better and accommodate employees’ flexibility and productivity.

Why is occupancy monitoring important?

By gaining the fullest picture of how office space is utilized, businesses can:


Make the right changes to maximize occupancy.


Accommodate productivity for every employee.


Comply with new and existing office capacity regulations.

Control use of space

Control use of space

Trends towards more flexible working models mean that employees will use office space differently, visiting only when needed to meet or collaborate with colleagues or clients. This fluid approach will place new demands on managing office space occupancy and demand, with negative impacts on operations and productivity if those demands aren’t met.

Condeco’s technology enables seamless management of occupancy, where employees can see the spaces that are available, and book the spaces they need for the times they need them before they even start their commute. Your workforce can be given the freedom to collaborate as and when they need to, but with limits placed on desk bookings so that safe occupancy limits are never breached.

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Manage rules on space booking

Manage rules on space booking

Say goodbye to the nine-to-five. Hybrid working models mean that every employee may have their own office schedules, fitting around their productivity needs and their personal lives. Accommodating the requirements of every employee simultaneously is a complex undertaking, made simple by Condeco software.

We enable you to set rules on space bookings and allowances, individual employee limits on office days, and different attributes to varying kinds of workspaces. That way, employees always use the right space for them, and everyone can be accommodated fairly.

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Accommodate remote workers

However often your employees work remotely, they need to know that the office is there for them if required. They also need to know that working remotely is no hindrance to securing a workstation or meeting space if they need it.

Condeco solutions are accessible either from Outlook, desktop, or mobile app, delivering workspace availability and booking information to every employee, wherever and whenever they’re working. This integration can play a major part in giving employees the working model and work-life balance that keeps them happy and maximizes their productivity.

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Did you know?

35% of U.S. workers say they want to return to the office, while another 30% say they only want to continue working from home because of COVID-19 concerns.

Source: Gallup

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions surrounding flexible working systems.

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The office occupancy rate is the level of how many workspaces are used, relative to the total number available. At the simplest level, an office space of ten workstations where eight of them are fully utilized would give an office occupancy rate of 80%, but there are many more variables to take into account.

Measuring workplace occupancy can be complex because of variety of factors involved: working hours, types of workspaces, number of employees and so on. This is where Condeco technology comes into play, delivering real-time visibility of office space occupancy, both at an overall building level and at a granular level of individual workspaces or areas.