SailPoint Customer Case Study

A world-leading identity security specialist partnered with Condeco to reshape its working model in the post-pandemic era.

SailPoint is an American-founded global software company that specializes in identity security. Its leading cloud-based solution helps companies ensure that only the right people can gain access to corporate data, systems, and applications. Founded in 2005, SailPoint prides itself on enabling a collaborative, caring, and fun working environment where employees are collectively inspired to work together and solve customers’ problems.


SailPoint has a global headquarters building in Austin, Texas, USA that can accommodate up to 700 employees, as well as satellite offices in the United Kingdom and India. A high rate of hiring as the company grew meant that it was already exploring hybrid working, and a workspace management tool to support it, before the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. The pandemic and the subsequent return to the office only accelerated the need to have such a solution in place.

As part of the solution, SailPoint wanted to better utilize its office environment in a climate where far more employees would be working from home more often. They also wanted to create an adaptive work environment, where employees felt empowered to book time and space in the office for specific reasons, rather than feeling duty-bound to come in. And finally, they aimed to leverage workspace usage data to better understand how to optimize workspace availability in the long term.

“We’re trying to break that individual space possession kind of mentality that you have while still being able to retain proximity to the teams or individuals that are most relevant to your work.”

– Abby Payne, Chief People Officer, SailPoint


SailPoint partnered with Condeco and its workspace booking and management solution to achieve their aims. After making an initial purchase in August 2020, SailPoint then worked closely with the Condeco team to plan the idea deployment, which was rolled out fully in January 2021.

Condeco’s deployment allows every SailPoint employee to check availability and book desks and conference rooms in advance, whenever and wherever they’re working and from any type of device. As SailPoint uses the Microsoft 365 integration including Outlook, they have deployed the Outlook calendar integration to enable employees to make bookings straight from their normal calendars.

As the SailPoint workforce has got up to speed with Condeco, the company has gone on to explore some of the other more advanced functionality that the solution has to offer. This includes visitor management tools that ease experiences for external meeting attendees, facilities reports that optimize cleaning processes, and analytics that inform management conversations around space utilization.

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employees using the
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split of Outlook and
mobile app booking

SailPoint has found that its workforce has easily transitioned not only to the concept of shared bookable workspaces, but in using the Condeco solution specifically. Interestingly, there has been a fairly even split between those who book spaces through Outlook and those who book through the Condeco app directly. More experienced SailPoint employees already used to Outlook have made more use of the Outlook calendar booking, while newer hires who started with the Condeco app from day one have generally stuck with it.

The change has allowed SailPoint to explore a campaign called ‘Reimagining Work’, which encompasses changes in the office layout at the Austin headquarters. Condeco data found that the 700-capacity building is now only being used by 200-250 people per day, giving SailPoint scope to reshape workspace provision. As a result, many of the individual workstations have been removed, in favor of more larger conference rooms, and extra-large get-together spaces. The use of the business rules functionality within Condeco has also ensured that certain spaces are reserved for specific teams or departments, so they can be sure they can work together on the days that they’re in the office.

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SailPoint Case Study

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