Australia COVIDsafe workplace

Preparing a workplace compliant with Australia’s COVIDsafe Plan.

Compliant with Australia’s Recovery Roadmap.

As Australia recovers from the impact of COVID-19, businesses are working around safety measures set out by the government towards creating and maintaining a safe workplace in preparation for employees return to the office.

With the help of smart workplace scheduling technology, we can help you get ready a COVIDsafe workplace which is compliant with the Safe Work Australia guidelines. Giving employees the choice and control over where they work, when they come into the office and what spaces are safe and clean to work in – bringing complete transparency and trust to your working practices.

We’ll show you how our workspace reservation solution enables you to easily reopen your office and ensure employees are not exposed to risk.

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Reducing density quotient

Keep physical distancing – stay 1.5 metres apart and avoid physical greetings.

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Maintain workforce bubble

Limiting the number of staff on the same shift and reducing staff working across multiple sites.

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Workspace cleaning and disinfection

Schedule cleaning and disinfection after usage of desks to protect from infection

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Office contact tracing

Record workspace usage and enable contact reporting.

Comply with Australia’s COVIDsafe plan for your workplace.

With Condeco you can plan and implement measures to meet your Work Health and Safety (WHS) duties to prepare for employee’s safe return to the office. We’ll show you how we will help…

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Australia’s COVIDsafe Workplace Regulations How Condeco complies
  • Enable flexible working to allow organisation of teams to manage workplace bubbles.
  • Companies can help manage workplace bubbles for employees to work in teams, limiting the number of staff on the same shift at any point of time. Condeco allows companies to allocate a workspace for each member of a team via the web interface or the mobile app. This workspace allocation can be made permanent to an employee or left flexible to allow optional reservations in a week, making it easy to manage workplace bubbles all days of the week.
  • Enable social distancing of 1.5 metres.
  • We can help you create extra space between employees by blocking out workspaces to ensure employees adhere to physical distancing measure of 1.5 metres. You can also create zoning of workstations to separate teams and reduce unnecessary cross interactions for essential teams.
  • Reduce density quotient.
  • Condeco helps you manage the incoming staff traffic by staggering check-in timing for the respective workspaces. To manage employee density in the office, you can set a limit on the number of available workstations to limit the number of employees coming to the office. For offices in different geographical locations, you can set customised rules and workflows to suit different state regulation and meet the needs of different operant business units.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched areas and surfaces.
  • Our software can trigger a cleaning reminder for workspaces once a user checks out, this would prompt for the user to execute basic cleaning or deep clean for a new person to use.
  • Put in place actionable contract tracing plans for suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 to ensure the workplace remains safe for other workers.
  • A contact tracing report can be created if an employee tests positive providing details of employees that were working in proximity or attending a meeting. The report can then allow HR or internal teams take the appropriate action. In times of emergency, you are also able to seamlessly search for colleagues, fire wardens and medic staff via the web interface or the mobile app.

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With Condeco we can help you comply with all these safety regulations and reopen your office with confidence.

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On average 2/3 respondents are okay or positive about Return to Work.

Springfox – The Springfox COVID-19 People Survey

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