Georgia return to office

How to meet Georgia’s state-wide guidelines for businesses and enable your workforce back to the office safely with workspace technology solutions.

How to reopen my office safely in Georgia.

Careful management of desk and workspaces, meeting rooms, employee locations, and sanitization will be essential to meeting local guidelines for reopening your workplace.

We’ll show you how our workspace reservation solution enables you to easily reopen your office and 
ensure employees are not exposed to risk.

Discover local compliance

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Enforce social distancing

Increase physical space between workers by reducing the density of desk layouts and the capacity of meeting rooms to enforce social distancing in the office.

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Support flexible and teleworking

Give transparency over where workers will be for the day by recording their working status. This helps to limit the number employees coming into the office daily by staggering shifts and teleworking.

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Enhance cleaning of the workplace

Schedule enhanced cleaning after usage of desks for effective workspace disinfection to support health and safety of employees.

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Support Health Screening evaluation

Ensure health self-screening on arrival at the office and recording workspace usage and enable contact tracing.

Comply with Georgia COVID office guidelines and reopen your workplace.

With Condeco you can comply with the enhanced protective guidelines and safely reopen your office for your employees. We’ll show you how we will help…

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Georgia Guidelines For Businesses How Condeco complies
  • Screening and evaluating workers who exhibit signs of illness, such as a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, cough, or shortness of breath. Requiring workers who exhibit signs of illness to not report to work or to seek medical attention.
  • Condeco allows for the automation of health screenings via the mobile app and web app. Users who are sick and cannot agree with the screening statements are mandated to stay home.
  • Enhancing sanitation of the workplace as appropriate. Disinfecting common surfaces regularly. Requiring hand washing or sanitation by workers at appropriate places within the business location.
  • Automatic cleaning workflows if there is a change of employee on desks. And easily indicate which spaces are clean and safe to use to enhance sanitization. Condeco can provide floorplans which help employees navigate your workspace. You can highlight areas where employees can access cleaning stations on the floorplan you upload to help reduce exposure.
  • Implementing teleworking for all possible workers. Implementing staggered shifts for all possible workers. Holding all meetings and conferences virtually, whenever possible.
  • Rules-based access with limited number of days in the office being available and the need to promote work from home is essential. Condeco makes it easy to stagger employees’ arrival times to the office, when they have a desk booked. Allow employees to report on their working status in Condeco, which can include if they are not working due to sickness, working remotely or working in the office.
  • Enforcing Social Distancing of non-cohabitating persons while present on such entity’s leased or owned property; Increasing physical space between workers and patrons.
  • With Condeco you can close down desk spaces to reduce workplace density to enforce the 6-ft rule to support physical space guidelines. Condeco makes it easy to convert bookable meeting rooms to bookable workspaces, control the capacity of meeting rooms, and easily close and open meeting rooms.

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With Condeco we can help you comply with all these safety regulations and reopen your office with confidence.

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Information referenced from: Georgia’s State-wide Executive Order: Guidelines for Businesses – Correct at time of publication, October 2020.

70% of people want to work in the office for the majority of their week.

Gensler’s U.S. Work from Home Survey 2020

Workspace management software.

Enable employees to find workspace, make bookings, and collaborate.

Key features:

  • Mobile-first approach with a dedicated app
  • Employees can find and book desks, private offices, and meetings
  • Provides daily updates on workspace closures and availability before leaving home
  • Find a colleague on any given day
  • Automatic check-in using Geolocation positioning
  • Self-certification on arrival at the office

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