Video Integration

Create, join and simplify video conferences

Communicate across multiple video platforms from many
devices – connecting people via easy to use video collaboration.

Stop the frustration of complex video conferences

Book, click, join to simplify your users experience

For years users have complained that scheduling and launching video conferences has proved to be complicated and frustrating. Condeco video integration simplifies the user experience from booking a call through to set-up and the overall meeting experience. Forget the technology, just see the benefits of a video meeting.

Video Product Integrations

Connect with your existing conferencing system for a streamlined meeting experience

Skype for Business with Condeco

Skype for Business integration

Book your meeting rooms, enable audio or visual functionality, organise hospitality as well as visitor management from one central solution.

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Cisco integration

Condeco integrates with Cisco too,
please talk to us about your requirements.

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Coming Soon

We’re busy developing more integrations for you, including Polycom. Stay tuned.

Benefits for You


Simple to use

Adding video could not be simpler. Once booked, all participants receive a calendar invite with clear click-to-join instructions. Users chose when to and stop there meeting directly from the invite.


Seamless experience

Condeco video integrations work seamlessly with leading video manufacturers allowing users to book people and rooms and not worry about the technology joining these recourses together.



Users can choose where to meet to suit their schedule. Can’t make it to the meeting room? No problem, join a virtual participant using the same click-to-join from your desktop.


Return on Investment

To ensure that you maintain a good return on your existing investment in video communication, we work with your existing provider, meaning no changes to expensive hardware.

Effortless meetings wherever you are

Video integration enables you to get the most out of your existing video conferencing equipment and let everyone join
no matter where they are or what equipment they’re using.

Hassle free

The ability to walk into a room and start a video meeting with no worries about technical issues. Allowing users to focus on the content of their meeting without being distracted.

Connect from anywhere

The flexibility to connect from anywhere at the click of a button. Home, work or on the move – you choose.

Consistent experience

Irrespective of the hardware the user experience remains the same. Driving usage of video technology.

End to end meeting planning

Room booking, catering, visitors, wayfinders, digital signage and now video integration and launch, in one place.

Higher collaboration,
lower costs

By simplifying the user experience to book, create and launch video conferences you’ll see an increase in usage, a subsequent reduction in expensive travel and increased collaboration. There’s no need for new, expensive kit either. You can use what you already have, and what participants are familiar with just book, click and join.

Easily manage your virtual meetings

Bringing in participants who might be at remote locations or working from home could not be easier. Everybody receives an interactive calendar invite that allows users to click to join however they choose. Video conferences that contain virtual meetings is as simple as adding the users to an invite.

Your Connected Workplace with Condeco Enterprise

Condeco room booking software

Room Booking Software

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Condeco desk booking software

Desk Booking Software

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Condeco digital signage

Digital Signage

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