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Perfect your workspace management plan with Condeco technology and make flexible working simple.

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Managing office space made easy.

Employees already have to deal with enough tools and applications to make their working lives complex. Making it difficult for them to book workspace, office resources or to collaborate with co-workers will only add to that complexity. That’s why Condeco technology is designed to make workspace management practices as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Why is space management important?

Space management and related office space planning is especially important at a time when businesses are increasingly adopting more flexible approaches to work:


Every employee’s productivity needs can be accommodated.


Businesses get the most out of their real-estate.


Hassle and complexity of managing flexible work is removed.

Combine all workspace needs

All workspace bookings

Different employees will need different workstations at different times, but this is only part of the story. Parking spaces, meeting and collaboration spaces and even pick-up spaces for deliveries may all be needed, too. Facilitating all of this demands careful and transparent management, otherwise confusion and complexity will reign.

Our desk space management system ticks all of these boxes and at any time, wherever they are, employees can manage their entire day at the office. With clear visibility of bookings for days at the office, where they’ll be working and which of their colleagues will also be in attendance. Every part of their office experiences can be overseen and handled in one user-friendly place.

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Connect the workplace experience

Connected workplace

Some parts of working life will still need to be done face-to-face. And it’s therefore critical that employees can easily secure the time and space they need to do so, without any time-consuming hassle in the set-up or administration process.

With Condeco technology for managing office space, employees can easily see when their schedule aligns with other attendees, and which meeting rooms or breakout areas of suitable sizes are available. With bookings of workstations for use before and after the meetings also catered for, every base is covered without inconvenience or compromise.

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Manage complex requirements

A successful meeting is so much more than the right meeting room. The room has to be booked and kept vacant, every attendee needs to be notified of the arrangements, and extra requirements like catering and video conferencing need to be taken into account. It’s a job that can be time-consuming for front-of-house staff, made easy by our solutions.

Whether through a browser, mobile app, Outlook, or touch-screen hardware outside meeting rooms, every element of a meeting can be overseen in one simple workflow. Encompassing reservations, invitations and service ordering, the Condeco platform can deliver a stress-free, professional experience.

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Did you know?

88% of business real estate professionals agree that the pandemic has encouraged more interest in flexible office concepts and business models.

Source: KPMG International

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How can we help you?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions surrounding flexible working systems.

More questions?

Office space management is how different types of workspaces are controlled, in order to maximize their efficiency and how they serve their employees.

What an efficient office space looks like will vary considerably between organizations. But as there are so many touchpoints to consider:

  • Types of workspace
  • Types of employee
  • Flexible working arrangements

So, working out the most efficient solution can be complex.

This is where the transparency, simplicity and data-driven insights of Condeco solution can prove to be extremely valuable to business and workforce alike.