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Organizations the world over struggle to manage meeting room bookings and desk bookings across a variety of locations, maintaining a multitude of different tools in the process.

This often creates administrative overheads, costs, questions of ownership and a fragmented user experience. Creating a unified view of the workspace is often a major challenge.

With Condeco, you can standardize into one globally scalable solution in the cloud, creating the same seamless experience for every user in your organization, wherever they are in the world.

Integrated into people’s workflow

  • The world of work is rapidly changing. Addressing the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce and enabling a more agile work environment, while continuing to raise productivity, are key objectives for any successful workplace.
  • With Condeco, you can offer easy access to workspace reservation. Whether it’s Outlook, mobile, web or another digital access point, such as our state-of-the-art digital room and desk signage, we can offer an integrated ecosystem of meeting room and workspace reservation solutions that help you deliver the experience your workforce requires.
  • Combined with our Skype for Business integration, we make it easy for people to collaborate wherever they are: at home, on the road, or in the office.

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Did you know?

Condeco invests 30% of revenue back into new product research and development every year?*


Future-proof your meeting room and desk booking solution

  • Delivering software solutions that grow with changing needs, while removing cost and maintenance overheads, is the ultimate goal in today’s competitive landscape.
  • Condeco is underpinned by one of the largest multi-terabit global networks, Microsoft Azure Cloud, leveraging many of Azure’s features to deliver world class performance, scalability, resilience and security.
  • Azure enables us to scale to your needs across the globe. With automatic backups, geographic distribution, at-rest-encryption, and disaster recovery, we can offer you more features, better scalability and enhanced performance, at a lower cost than an on-premises or conventionally hosted solution.

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Scale up as needed

  • During periods of high usage, you need your scheduling solutions to remain reliable, weathering any changes during the pinnacle of demand.
  • It’s common to experience significant peaks and troughs of system usage over time – while Monday morning might require 1000s of workspace bookings to be processed within a few hours, after hours, there will naturally be far fewer to deal with.
  • We use live monitoring to proactively review all aspects of our cloud solution on a 24/7 basis. Auto-scaling allows us to instantly add more resources as loads increase, to keep your application running smoothly, and helping to keep costs to a minimum during periods of lower usage.



Keep up-to-date

  • Managing deployments of updates can be a major hassle for IT teams.
  • With Condeco you can opt-in to scheduled updates, giving you complete confidence with the latest security patches, bug fixes and new features, as well as having access to preview upcoming features, and provide valuable feedback before they are publicly released. Not only do you benefit from a scalable and secure solution, you get latest features for your business, without any complex upgrades to manage.

ISO Certified Security

  • Keeping organizational data secure is of paramount importance for any business.
  • At Condeco, we take data security seriously. We are certified by the British Standards Institution to ISO27001:2013 standard for our SaaS services. Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) has over 100 controls that strengthen the safety of data. This crucial focus on customer data security has, in part, enabled us to achieve the ISO270001 certification.


How do I implement an organization-wide, scalable workspace reservation solution?

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Agile Working

Cloud technology

Standardize onto one single, scalable and secure workplace management solution in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Meeting room booking software

Simplify all your meeting room management with our world class, feature-rich scheduling software.

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Agile Working

Desk booking software

Maximize your resources, improve the efficiency of your space and facilitate flexible working, whatever the size of your workforce.

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*The modern workplace: People, places and technology – 2018

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