Customer-centered design approach

We are always shaping our solutions by regularly engaging with businesses and end users to understand their needs. Our skilled team constantly work on the next generation of products, turning market insight into innovation.

Customer Design Devices

At the forefront of the industry

As market-leaders, we invest heavily in our market research. We commission independent research annually, establishing a strong understanding changing workplace needs, behaviors and challenges. You can read our latest research report here:

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The modern workplace report - by Condeco

We invest in research and development

We are passionate about innovation, with over 30% of revenue invested back into research and development every year. We strive to keep pioneering technology at the heart of Condeco solutions.


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Innovation is key

To create a great product requires a culmination of technology, business value and user need. At Condeco, we aim to provide solutions to common workplace obstacles, adding our own cutting-edge twist with fresh, new ideas. We listen to what our customers want, and truly understand their needs, always using our positive client relationships to influence our product range.

Innovation Centers

Condeco’s focus on innovation has led us to create a specialist Innovation Center in Gurugram (India). This Innovation Center focuses on advancements in workspace technology, with specialist teams, all experts in their field, crafting the next generation of our products.

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We believe the ability to recognize and conceive our client’s needs is paramount to creating our best possible products. Specifically, we utilize UserVoice to gather key information, and notify our customers when their ideas and specifications are deployed.


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Workplace Innovation Forum Video

Hear what drives innovation at Condeco, how products are created from ideas and driven by user need and technology with Peter Otto, Director of Product Strategy & Design.

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