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Connected workplace.

Streamline workplace management with connected tools that enhance space scheduling and create a seamless experience for your employees and visitors.

Microsoft Outlook

Calendar Integration

The smarter way to manage meeting space bookings in Outlook.
Simple, fast, and intelligent calendar integrated room booking, available right where your employees plan their meetings.

Self-healing meeting space bookings

If an Outlook meeting is moved in the calendar, Smart Calendar automatically finds and books an alternative room that matches the original search, updates the meeting with the new room details, and notifies the attendees.

Condeco Outlook Calendar Integration
Condeco Outlook Calendar Integration

Smart Recurrences

No need to find a specific room for all dates in a series of recurring meetings. Smart Calendar automatically books alternatives for dates where the originally requested room is not available and informs the user of the rooms booked.

Video meetings

Teams and Zoom room support through seamless integration with Exchange resources.

Microsoft Office Teams Logo   Zoom Meeting

Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms

The creation and start of Teams and Zoom rooms is seamless.
They are automatically managed as part of a booking and can be started with one click. If an alternative meeting space is booked the associated Teams and Zoom rooms are automatically changed.

Managing combined virtual and physical meetings is effortless.

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Enhance the visitor experience by connecting third-party visitor management solutions.



Streamline meeting room and visitor management with check-in for visitors on Vpod’s Vgreet system integrated with Condeco meeting room booking.

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Integrate third-party wayfinding solutions to introduce indoor navigation.

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Getting lost inside the workplace could soon be a thing of the past. MapsPeople integrated with Condeco helps your employees easily find their way to their meeting with indoor wayfinding.

Data Analytics and Smart Buildings

Power better planning decisions with advanced data analytics.

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Condeco Data Analytics enables lightning-fast reporting on historical booking data through a datamart that connects to a compatible data analytics solution, such as Microsoft PowerBI, helping you to get a better understanding or workspace usage and utilization.

User management

Automatically create, update or remove users by connecting to Active Directory.

Active Directory

Condeco supports automatic synchronization of user information and group permissions with Active Directory and other HR feeds. Automatically create, update, delete users, their attributes and group permissions.

Cost Codes

Our cost code API endpoint enables the creation, update, and deletion of cost codes in Condeco, enabling you to develop integrations that maintain cost code information from a third-party system.

Custom integration API

Create your own integration with our fully-featured API, enabling you to integrate third-party technology with Condeco and extend your smart building ecosystem.

Our developer portal gives you access to development tools and API documentation.

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