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It’s time to reinvent your office for the future of work. As companies embrace hybrid as the permanent way of working, leaders have a rare opportunity to maximize the potential of existing office space to better support their teams.

According to new research from Condeco, hybrid workers overwhelmingly want to continue flexible work in the long-term, and that desire has major impacts on everything from daily productivity to company loyalty to how the office is configured. Whilst giving workers the option to be hybrid already scores employers major points when it comes to employee sentiment, businesses can also make their flexible models even more successful by creating a workplace that is fully optimized to support hybrid work.

Make days in the office feel like a treat

With remote work allowing employees a chance to save time and money on commuting, it can be an uphill battle to convince people to make the trip into the office: workers and managers alike have adapted to changed ways of work and discovered previously untapped productivity at home.

But people are people, and they still want opportunities to connect in-person. Instead of viewing the office as the only place where work gets done, employees now want the best of both worlds, with physical offices becoming spaces dedicated to collaborative work.

Businesses can attract their employees back to the office by creating social-minded spaces specifically tailored to these new desires. Instead of allocating most of your workplace’s floorplan to individual, cubicle-style desks, create variety with different types of work areas that foster collaboration. And that doesn’t just mean adding more conference rooms — think outside the box.

Would the sales team like to kick-off their day by comparing pitch notes around a coffee bar? Maybe the art department would prefer to settle into some (actually comfortable) couches for lengthy creative reviews. Do you have enough private, sound-insulated spaces where individuals and small groups can join video calls with colleagues that are working remotely? Communal tables could make it easy for members of your customer service team to jump in and help each other through difficult requests.

Empower employees to work their own way

With a couple years of experience under their belts, your employees know what works for them when it comes to balancing remote and in-person work. And managers are ready to let them make those choices — our independent research found that 80% of managers trust their employees/colleagues to get their work done when working from home. And 78% said the pandemic has made them realize the way their business is conducted can be more streamlined.

Instead of setting rigid schedules and expectations for when, where, and how teams work under their hybrid models, employers can embrace the true meaning of the word “flexible” and empower everyone to find their own sweet spot on the spectrum of what it means to be hybrid. In addition to enabling your employees to work in whatever way they feel best supports their own productivity, you’ll also build trust. Employees named the autonomy over how they get work done as one of the greatest benefits of hybrid working.

Letting people dictate their own hybrid schedules may sound like a recipe for chaos and calendar confusion, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be.

Invest in the right tech

Our recent report found that only 12% of respondents believe new hybrid models have persuaded their company’s leadership to invest in the technology needed to support changed working behaviors. That leaves the vast majority of hybrid employees without essential tools that can help them be more effective and successful in their roles.

The right workspace technology can ease the challenges that often plague hybrid teams and the individuals that are part of them. How can teams efficiently coordinate days in-office, and ensure members have the right space to facilitate collaboration? Will there be a conference room available for that in-person meeting? And will it be the right size?

Condeco’s booking software offers a full suite of tools that enable flexible work to be totally seamless and give your employees the ability to customize their office experience from the palm of their hands. And just like hybrid models are hardly one-size-fits all, our tools are built around your specific management needs, business goals, and of course, workspace layout.

With tools that make it easier than ever to book their favorite desk by the window and arrange in-person team meetings with full calendar integration, you may even find your employees spending more time in the office, thanks to the headache-free ability to schedule their days.

The future of work is here, and with Condeco, companies can ensure they’re part of it.


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