UK Software Co. releases free e-Book to guide businesses into 'the post-covid workplace'

Many of the changes in our working lives prompted by the pandemic are here to stay. The ‘Pandora’s Box’ of employees working from home, or of combining home and office work en masse, has now been opened and is unlikely to be closed. But at the same time, employees are still people, and harbor fears and misgivings about the safety of working in an office environment, and these fears are unlikely to subside any time soon.

“It’s up to employers to reduce fears and mitigate the risk to your employees of working or collaborating physically rather than virtually,” said Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software. “It is not just because the damage to your business will be great if you don’t: the needs of people’s physical and mental health should always take priority, and we all have a responsibility to support our workforces as such.”

Many of the changes to our working lives prompted by the pandemic are here to stay, and how we adjust to these changes in a post-COVID world of work is vital to the future success of a business. This e-Book addresses those issues, in an easy-to-understand manner that can impact businesses of all sizes.

Key points highlighted in the e-Book include:

  • The state of play: putting people first
  • Three reasons to get employees back in the office
  • Creating a COVID-secure workplace: the four-step approach
  • Using technology to keep employees safe
  • Destination office: your post-COVID workplace
  • A summary checklist for your safe office

Condeco Software is the fastest growing company in workspace scheduling technology, with headquarters in London, England as well as additional locations in America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. The company has had a revenue growth hitting 35 per cent year-on-year, including a 35 per cent growth in new clients. Its world-class portfolio of workspace solutions is becoming essential tools in the strategies employed by senior business leaders heading up major multinational brands, optimizing real estate and transforming business operations.

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