Solution Development Accelerates for ML, Teams Room Booking and Graph Connector

New York, July 12, 2021 – Condeco, a worldwide leader in workspace scheduling solutions, and Microsoft recently announced a successful June hackathon, designed to accelerate development of solutions that integrate the companies’ software in three main workstreams – Machine Learning (ML), Teams Room Booking and Graph Connector. The virtual, three-day hackathon was a deep technical engagement between the two partners that will lead to further technical refinements before ultimately providing new capabilities for Condeco customers.

The new advantages being developed for Condeco customers offer choice and flexibility for the user and the employee. They include:

  • Teams Workspace Booking Add-in will allow Condeco users to find and book personal and meeting workspace through Microsoft Teams. The Add-in will leverage Condeco’s Smart Calendar to synchronize the employee’s calendar with workspace bookings, detect updates and suggest alternatives when availability changes.
  • Machine Learning will help Condeco’s platform to more accurately predict workspace usage and make suggestions designed to improve utilization and employee experience.
  • Extending Condeco’s Microsoft Graph Connector (API) will provide actionable data to employees enabling team coordination, and other collaboration and productivity notifications, streamlining the employee experience.

“Partnering with Microsoft on hackathons has always proved extremely valuable and this most recent collaboration was no exception,” says Paul Phillips, Chief Technology Officer, Condeco. “We will continue to work with members of the Microsoft Product and Engineering teams to bring these expanded capabilities to Condeco’s end users and enable them to find the resources they need for their work in an easier, more automated manner.”

“Our highly-targeted, depth technology hacks are always mutually beneficial to Condeco, ourselves and ultimately our shared customers.” says David Goon, the Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist aligned to Condeco. “By working together closely in partnership, we get faster results while building solutions that work right, first time.”

The hackathon is part of Condeco’s focus on enriching an employee’s overall experience when needing productive workspaces at the office. This has led to numerous new Condeco products being launched recently, including an enhanced, single mobile app, a new Smart Calendar and new flexible workspace types for booking personal spaces such as parking spaces and lockers at an office location.

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