How Condeco and Proxyclick fuel a more integrated, contactless visitor experience

We’ve all been eager to get some good news on our feeds and in our inboxes these days. Let me start by sharing some of ours.

At Proxyclick, we’ve been hard at work making our ecosystem of integrations and trusted partnerships even more comprehensive. Since it was first launched in 2018, this ecosystem has shown off our best-of-breed approach to integrate with solutions that our customers already love.

These include a variety of meeting room management solutions, Wi-Fi providers, user provisioning tools, access control systems, wayfinding apps, and much more.

We’re proud to announce a new type of preparedness to take on the ever-changing (and increasingly contactless) workplace in 2020 and beyond with a new enterprise-level Condeco integration.

Proxyclick x Condeco: streamlining visitor and meeting room management

A leader in workspace scheduling technology, Condeco helps brands transform to create a more connected workplace. They do this in part through their meeting room management solution, which handles incoming booking requests, walk-in bookings, and meetings with visitors.

Here’s where Proxyclick comes in. With our Condeco integration, visitors will always know where their meetings will be held.

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