Headed Back to the office? These are the best space management tools

Condeco offers two main solutions, Desk Management and Meeting Room Management. The company sticks to four main feature tenets to make the former product an effective solution for companies managing a return to the office during COVID-19.

It looks to reduce workspace density, which is your basic mechanism for keeping employees working at a safe distance from one another. Its floorplan software lets you create new space between employees and gives employees a quick way to share their workspace reservations. Condeco also looks to manage your overall space and capacity by letting managers add reservation threshold and providing automatic notification of workplace events.

Getting more focused on COVID, Condeco also has planning and alerting features specific to sanitizing workspaces in between employee visits. That includes not only scheduling but also manager and employee notification of cleaning status. Finally, Condeco claims it has contact tracing, but buyers should know this is based on the reservation system, not an active tracking of where employees are minute by minute. If knowing who was in the office is enough to satisfy your contact trace requirements, however, Condeco has a slick solution that should work well for most small to midsized businesses (SMBs).

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