While working from home has been the ‘new normal’ for some during the outbreak of COVID-19, the approach moving forward will be more on enabling our workforce to be more flexible, work remotely, with ease, that how they work becomes a priority and not about where they work.

Our workspaces will need to reflect this flexible working approach; and as such, planning for a return into the office could benefit from having an integrated desk booking solution – a tool that you can test and deploy prior to your teams return:

  • Test new seating arrangements,
  • all digitally without having to physically be in the office yet,
  • with less manual work required.

The key benefits of a desk management solution:

  1. Reduce the density of desk layouts to support social distancing
  2. Limit office capacity
  3. Schedule sanitization after desks are used
  4. Record workspace usage to enable contact tracing
  5. Give employees flexibility in when and where they work
  6. Mobile connectivity for simple and up-to-date desk management

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