Dedicated Condeco meeting room screens can actually work out cheaper for you overall, and provide you with more benefits and functionality than adapting an iPad or tablet for use.

Costs to consider when comparing iPad or tablet solutions include:

  • iPad/tablet device cost
  • Wall brackets and security fixings
  • Power supply, battery recharging or additional cabling
  • Network interface
  • Additionally, you will need a software interface or app on the iPad to allow room bookings – pricing is unknown, but could be a major expense to either build it or buy off the shelf.
  • You also need some centralized “watchdog” software to control the iPads with updates, monitor statuses and issues etc. We’re not aware of any such solution, but you can assume it will be expensive to build or buy.

Talk to Condeco to get costs on Condeco screens; you’ll see how competitively priced they are, and how we can provide you with extended functionality, maintenance and security benefits over iPad or tablet solutions.

Functionality benefits:

Key features which are missing from using ipad/tablets as a room display, include:

  • RFID card authentication is not possible as the iPad doesn’t have a card reader. This means actions are either anonymous (bad for reporting), or forces users to type their username and password with their finger.
  • Status lights (red/amber/green) are not possible, so you can’t easily scan down a corridor and see which rooms are free or busy.

iPads or tablet security:

iPad and tablet devices are at high risk of being stolen. No matter how good the bracket is, they are very sought-after devices and will be a high theft risk.

From a data perspective, iPads and tablets allow anyone with basic IT knowledge to find direct, unsecured access into your core network and infrastructure.

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