Condeco has a library of built-in reports that provide detailed information on the use of the system. Each report can be run over a specified time period, ranging from a day to a full year. The results of the report can be exported into MS Excel, printed or viewed on-screen.

Condeco also allows the use of the industry standard MIS reporting tools such as Crystal reports and SQL reporting, so that specific intelligence can be created by anyone with reporting experience.

The room reports that are available are:

  • Room utilization
  • Utilization by location/floor
  • Utilization by person
  • Cancelled bookings
  • Booking history
  • Future bookings
  • Catering reports
  • No-show reports
  • Cost center reports
  • Department reports

The visitor reports that are available are:

  • Daily visitor report
  • Expected visitors
  • Non-departed visitor
  • Roll call

You can also build your own reports within the software, which can be saved for future use.

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