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Meet a workspace with the employee at its core.

Respond to the shift in what our workspaces do and deliver better employee experiences that enable them to work where they are most productive.

Enabling productivity wherever you are.

Employees used to be expected in the office every day – but the world of work has changed. Employees will now share time between home and the office, and they need technology tools to enable productivity wherever they need to work.

A safe environment

Teams can stay connected safely by syncing desk usage, meetings and empowering choice. What’s more, scheduled and coordinated cleaning gives real peace of mind.

Foster collaboration

Teams can clearly see who is working where and when, allowing them to collaborate, innovate, and share company culture.

Desk Booking Management Software

Book ahead with choice

Intuitive tools manage where employees work, making it simple to book in advance and work more effectively.

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Desk Booking System Diagram

Smart data insight

The office will remain the core of the business, with smart data tools monitoring office use so that you can carefully control occupancy and understand business needs.

Win-win productivity

It can be easy to plan ahead on-the-go and give employees more flexibility in their workday, making them happier and your business more productive.

Desk Booking System

The future workplace

A smarter workplace for smarter business.

The future office will be a destination: an intelligent workspace that just works, where employees are enabled to work where they are most productive, and that adapts to future change with ease.

Destination office

The office will remain key, a place everyone will look forward to visiting and a hub to support company culture.

Share and connect

Employees easily sharing where and when they plan to work in advance will be the norm. No matter where and when employees work, they will always feel connected to others as if they’re in the office.

Smart predictions

Intelligent analytics and data assist in adapting to day-to-day tasks and predicting in advance the space and tools that are needed, helping you right-size space.

Effortless collaboration

Communication can be made seamless across whole teams, supporting productive and motivated collaboration that attracts new talent and generates new ways of thinking.

Well-being and trust

With control handed to the employee, a symbiotic trust develops that makes them feel in perfect balance, supported by a workspace that revolves around them and their productivity.

A workspace your employees love

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