Meeting Room and Desk Booking Systems

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Room Booking

The most comprehensive and scalable software on the market. Control the booking of resources, schedule complex VC bookings, integrates with MS Outlook and provides detailed reports on usage.
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Digital Signage

Our integrated or stand alone interactive touch screens and displays are the most advanced on the market. With built in card readers making the booking process quicker and easier.
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Desk Booking

Create a more flexible and collaborative work environment while reducing your real estate costs. Our software is easy to use and can seamlessly integrate with our desk screens and kiosk.
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Workspace Occupancy Sensor

Condeco Sense enables you to harness the power of data to maximise your growth. Easy to install with no impact on IT, it can provide accurate real-time information on your workspace 24/7.
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Find out how our products can be easily configured to help you achieve your workplace goals

Global Solutions


Whether you have 800 meeting rooms in New York, 200 in London and 20 in Singapore, Condeco Room Booking lets you manage your assets more efficiently on a global scale.

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Flexible room booking


With Condeco Sense informing Condeco Desk Booking, you can create a flexible desk-booking solution that caters to individual and group requirements and significantly reduces cost.

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Measure Occupancy

and Improve

Using Condeco Sense as a starting point, you can measure the usage levels of your workspace and act on those measurements with a complete meeting room booking solution.

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