Monday 22nd February 2021
Colleagues working at their desks in modern office environment

Hot desking is a relatively new office trend, but it’s here to stay. There are myriad benefits of hot desking, from being able to control your own work environment to meeting new people. Read on to find out more about the benefits of hot-desking and how to book a workspace.

Why booking workspace is the new normal

One of the key benefits of desk booking is that it creates a truly agile workspace. It allows employees to tailor their work environment according to their needs and the tasks they have on that day. Need to get your head down and focus ahead of a big deadline? Book a quiet desk with plenty of personal space. Want to work collaboratively the next day, or just fancy a change of location? Hot desking allows you to have a new desk every day.

For businesses, it’s a great way of improving employee morale by giving individuals autonomy over their working space. Because you can choose a new desk every day, it offers an opportunity to interact with colleagues you might not have the opportunity to speak to on a day to day basis.

By not having fixed desk and floor plans, it means that when remote workers visit the office or colleagues drop in from another location, they can book their own workspace and socialise with their colleagues. This can help them to feel more like part of the team while also making the best use of office space.

With many people working from home, visiting other office locations, or out at meetings, not every employee needs a permanent desk. Hot desking can help businesses to make the most of the office real estate and avoid desks lying empty.

Things to know when booking workspace

There are a few things to look out for when booking workspace. Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you book – are you able to cancel your desk or meeting room booking at short notice, or can you change the time of the reservation?

Double-check the location as well, and make sure that it works for you. If your company has multiple offices, ensure that you’re choosing a workspace that’s in the right location so you don’t find yourself at the opposite end of town without a desk.

If you’re booking a co-working space rather than a hot desk in your company’s office, check reviews of the workspace online before you book. There may be reviews on the booking software, and you should also be able to find Google My Business reviews to give you a feel for the atmosphere, work environment and facilities.

How to book workspace through Condeco

The Condeco booking system makes it easy to select and book a workspace. Condeco desk booking software is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that allows you to book desks, manage bookings and find colleagues.

You can easily book a desk using the v3 Desk Booking Screen by simply tapping the screen and choosing when and where you want to book a desk.

Condeco also offers cloud-based meeting room booking to take all the stress out of finding free meeting rooms, which can even be managed through Outlook. Open the Condeco add-in, and choose a meeting room from the list. You can then easily see details and features of the room, such as the number of people it can hold and whether it has any video conferencing facilities. You can even book several rooms at once if you have a big event or video meeting that necessitates it.

Hot desking is here to stay

Flexible working offers benefits for both employees and businesses. For solo or remote workers, it can improve your work and social life, while for employees of large companies, it offers them the chance to work beside different colleagues to increase collaboration. 

Find out more about making a booking with Condeco and discover whether it could be a good fit for you.

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