Friday 26th April 2024
Colleagues working at their desks in modern office environment

Desk booking is an established office trend that is here to stay. It has many benefits, from controlling your work environment to meeting new people. Read on to find out more about the benefits of desk booking and how to reserve a workspace. 

What is desk booking? 

Desk booking is where desks in the office are available to all employees that they can reserve for a certain period. With many people working from home, visiting other office locations, or out at meetings, not every employee needs a permanent desk. Not having fixed desks means remote and hybrid workers — or colleagues from another location — can book their own workspace and socialize with coworkers. Doing so helps them feel more a part of the team while making the best use of office space. 

Why is desk booking so popular?   

Thanks to the latest technology, people can work from practically anywhere. A computer and a good Wi-Fi connection give us access to most of the things we need. This coincided with a widespread desire for an excellent work-life balance, which is the reason desk booking gained so much attention. It delivers what companies and employees need for flexible working arrangements common today. Choosing when to work in the office makes it possible to create a happier and more productive workforce. 


The 8 main benefits of hot desking 

  1. Increased collaboration and performance

Desk booking allows employees from different office areas to collaborate and share knowledge. A shared space can foster new relationships, reduce official meetings, and encourage more face-to-face interactions — accelerating decision-making. 

  1. A culture of trust

Research shows that people often excel when trusted to manage their workload and run projects at their own pace. Desk booking puts that power in their hands and gives them ownership and responsibilities. With this extra flexibility, employees can be more productive by working where it suits them. This adds motivation and also improves mental well-being. 

  1. Tidy office, tidy mind

If desk booking is done correctly, employees aren’t able to leave personal items on the desk overnight. This results in a tidier and clutter-free office, which improves everyone’s working environment and state of mind. 

  1. More sociability 

Often people work in silos in the office, but desk and meeting room booking allows them to meet and interact with those outside their usual circle. This can increase knowledge flow and help employees identify with the brand or business rather than feeling like part of a small team. 

  1. Lower costs

Generally, desk booking reduces the required office space and decreases furniture costs. Using available space more effectively can also be very helpful for smaller businesses and start-ups. 

  1. Attracting talent 

As more people work remotely or hybrid, offering desk booking can help you access the pool of talent with flexible work on their wish list. This can also be another excellent benefit for smaller businesses that can’t compete with big-city salaries. 

  1. Keeping things fresh 

People can fall into routines, especially when they arrive at the same office at the same time and sit at the same desk. Desk booking stops employees from feeling like the character Phil in Groundhog Day. 

  1. Flatten the office hierarchy 

Desk booking is the antithesis of senior executives sitting in their own offices, away from other employees. It encourages networking at all levels, disrupts traditional office structures, and allows movement between teams.

Desk booking that is right for you 

Desk booking offers benefits for both employees and businesses. It can improve the work-life balance of solo or remote workers and give employees of large companies the chance to work beside different colleagues to increase collaboration. What’s not to like? 

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Find out more about Eptura’s workplace solution and discover whether it fits your workspace booking needs. 

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