Microsoft Power BI

Create dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights into how your workspace is really used.

Power BI is a business analytics service that can provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities and bridges the gap between data and decision making. Import your Condeco booking data into Power BI and create customized dashboards and interactive reports to gain powerful insights into your workspace usage, enabling more informed decisions around your future workplace, ensuring you provide a workplace your employees will want to visit.

How to enable

Download and install the Power BI desktop.

  • Visit
  • Click download free.
  • Once the download has finished, double-click PBIDesktop.msi to open the installation wizard and follow the steps.
  • Open Power BI desktop from the desktop shortcut or Start Menu.

Log in to the Power BI account when prompted.

Key features

  • Analyse occupancy and booking behaviour to understand exactly how your resources have been used.
  • Augment booking data with data from other sources, enriching your knowledge with additional metrics.
  • Use analytical toolsets to create custom reports and understand workplace usage trends, giving you actionable insights to make better strategic decisions.
  • Build customized dashboards and interactive reports to share with your colleagues.

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  • Condeco Cloud
  • The historical booking storage extension should already be deployed
  • An active Power BI account or trial
  • The Azure Table Storage URL and account key

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Microsoft Power BI
Install Power BI desktop

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