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Find the way to a booked workspace with ease. Easily integrate a wayfinding map into the Condeco mobile app, kiosk or any display.

MapsIndoors is easily integrated into mobile apps, kiosks, and websites, allowing navigation hand-offs between platforms, and ensuring that your maps can be accessed at any time. And with the MapsIndoors Content Management System, updating and customizing your indoor maps has never been easier. Visualize live data and to search for office amenities, meeting rooms, and workstations. Provides users with turn-by-turn navigation. Show the way to meeting rooms for employees and visitors alike. Our integration with MapsPeople delivers interior wayfinding that can be clearly displayed, helping attendees navigate even the most complex office layouts via the mobile app, kiosk or and display.

How to enable

Contact your Condeco representative.

Key features

  • Find the way to your booked workspace with ease within the building, between campuses, and even off-site.
  • Works on desktop, mobile devices, and kiosks.
  • With the MapsPeople Content Management System, updating and customizing your indoor maps has never been easier.

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Maps People
Maps People - Condeco

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