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Front-of-house teams need help with keeping a calm head when things get busy.

Handling incoming booking requests, walk-up bookings and visitors, while also ensuring that meetings and service deliveries are running smoothly, requires a solution that helps stay on top of everything.

Reduce administrative overheads

  • Management of meeting room bookings should be easy and effortless, freeing up administration and front-of-house teams to provide a great experience for employees and visitors alike.
  • With Condeco, it’s easy to book or request meeting rooms, either as part of a meeting in Outlook, on the web, on a mobile app, or on touch screens outside your meeting rooms. You can also order services, add visitors, and schedule video conferences. Everything feeds into one simple workflow that minimizes complex administration tasks, creating a better experience for everyone.


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Did you know?

35% of survey respondents said they still use a receptionist or PA to find and book a meeting space*.


Manage your room bookings your way

  • We don’t all work the same way, and we don’t manage our meeting spaces the same way, either. Some meeting areas are best managed by letting employees book what they want, while others need administrators to manage bookings, making sure the most important meetings are given priority.
  • With Condeco, you can offer three different ways of booking: users either can book rooms directly, without approval of an admin. Alternatively, you can set up managed rooms, where users can request a specific room from an admin. You can also make rooms blind-managed, where users can make a request to an admin to allocate a suitable room.
  • A simple yet powerful workflow enables admins to swiftly respond to requests, and takes care of all the necessary notifications.

Keep everything in view

  • Monitoring room usage in busy spaces requires tools that give a clear view of availability and meeting status.
  • Condeco offers two environments for managing and monitoring bookings. Our Standard Booking Grid enables you to monitor every aspect of any meeting. The grid shows the status of the room, the booking, and any associated services such as catering. Last minute changes are made easy, with drag and drop move, extend and quick swap functions all built in.
  • Our Advanced Grid allows you to view across locations and time zones – ideal for the management of video conferences. Plus, you get instant notifications of updates and changes, so you’re always in the loop.



Improve the attendee experience

  • Create an effortless visitor experience, from reception all the way to the meeting room.
  • Condeco’s integrated visitor management makes it easy to check in visitors, print passes, and automatically notify hosts. With digital wayfinding and room screens, attendees can be guided to the room, so everyone knows where to go, and there is no confusion about who booked which space.

Increase space efficiency

With a clearer view of everyone’s needs, meetings can be managed in a way that makes the most of the space.

In addition, Condeco also helps you free up unused space. With Condeco room screens you can reduce wasted meeting space by asking users to check in on the digital touch screen outside the room. Rooms are automatically freed up for others if the booker doesn’t turn up to check in, allowing someone else to book the room.


How do I improve the management of meeting room bookings?

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*The modern workplace: People, places and technology – 2018

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