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The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. Our working lives are no longer fully separate from our home lives, and we’re all increasingly mobile. It’s the norm to work from a variety of locations: the office, the home, ‘third spaces’ such as cafés and airport lounges, and now even the ‘fourth space’, aka the co-working space. Our relationship with the traditional workplace has changed – it has become just one of many environments that work can take place in.

With Condeco, you can enable a more agile workplace.

Flexible work arrangements become the norm

  • Flexible working is often no longer optional. In today’s aggressive market, employers must compete for talent, and providing employees with more flexibility in their working arrangements is often a necessary perk.
  • Many employers see the advantages of flexible working. In a recent study by Condeco, business leaders reported seeing benefits in collaboration, communication, productivity and costs. The effect on employee satisfaction is also clear: according to HOK1, 70% of employees who are allowed to work away from the office sometimes or always are highly engaged and highly satisfied, compared to just 30% who are not given the option.

Agile Working

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Did you know?

On average, 30% of staff work flexibly up to half of the time*.

The workplace is changing

  • Flexible and agile working reshapes what the modern office looks like. In many cases, providing fixed desks and rigid spaces is no longer viable. Instead, many organizations want to provide a more flexible work environment, providing a choice of spaces for different activities, and fewer fixed desks, with the aim of raising productivity and satisfaction while reducing space wasted on empty desks.
  • Our research shows that creating an agile work environment and supporting the mobile work force are top priorities for businesses, followed by driving productivity and using space more effectively.
  • All these can work together, and Condeco can help you deliver on these objectives.

A good experience matters

  • To be successful, an agile work environment must provide both the right space and the right experience. Having to walk around the building in search of a suitable place to work can be frustrating, and even the most efficiently-designed area can end up being ineffective if it’s impossible to easily locate workspaces.
  • A user-friendly workspace scheduling system gives everyone visibility of available spaces, so anyone can quickly locate space that meets their needs, and be certain that it’s reserved for them. It also provides invaluable data about which workspaces are in use, which types of space experience high demand, and which areas are less popular.
  • With Condeco meeting room booking and desk booking, you can offer an effortless workspace reservation experience for all employees. Users can reserve on the web, through a mobile app, on a kiosk, our digital room and desk screens, or in their Outlook calendar – there’s a suitable option for everyone.

Agile Working

Agile Working

Enable mobility

  • Enabling mobility is crucial – in our mobile world, employees must be able to manage their bookings from anywhere. Looking for a meeting room on the way to work? Or a phone booth from which to have a critical conference call?
  • We offer mobile apps for both meeting room booking and desk booking, allowing anyone to find space while on the go.

Increase workspace effectiveness

The success of agile working depends upon the workspace itself, and how that workspace is used. Developing a strong understanding of workspace utilization and need is vital.

Our meeting room and desk booking solutions help deliver a rich picture of workspace usage through comprehensive reports. For a deeper analysis, data can be integrated with Microsoft PowerBI, granting you the ability to mix booking data with other data sources, such as occupancy sensors.

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Agile Working

How can I implement agility and flexibility in our workplace?

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Agile Working

Desk Booking systems and management

Maximize your resources, increase building efficiencies and enable flexible working with a workforce of any size.

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Agile Working

Meeting management with video integration

Schedule not only your Skype meeting from one central point, but manage rooms and resources in one simple booking process.

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Agile Working

Mobile space booking 
on the move

Enable effortless meeting room and desk reservation for everyone, wherever they are.

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Other solutions

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Improve management of
meeting room bookings

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Simplify the entire workspace
booking experience and
improve productivity

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Standardize onto one, globally
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scheduling solution

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*The modern workplace: People, places and technology – 2018

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