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Create a seamless workspace experience with Condeco and Microsoft applications.

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As long-term Microsoft partners we have a strong development partnership recognized by our Microsoft Gold Partner status.

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Our range of integrations offer you a variety of options for enhancing your Microsoft applications with Condeco solutions.

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Integrate Condeco with your existing Microsoft applications and services.

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Condeco and Microsoft Outlook

With the Condeco Outlook Add-in, you can book meeting rooms and associated services from Microsoft Outlook.

Find a meeting room right from your Outlook appointment. Simply open the add-in, search, and select a room from the list. You can see room details and features, making sure you get exactly what you want.

With the add-in you can use advanced functionality such as a booking grid that shows room availability across multiple locations and timezones, request catering and other services, and add visitors.

Should your meeting change, we’ll check if the room is still free, and move your booking and associated services.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Condeco Outlook Add-in
  • Microsoft Outlook

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Exchange Rooms and Exchange Sync

Condeco Sync for Microsoft Exchange enables you to link room calendars in Exchange with meeting rooms in Condeco and have them stay in sync with each other, integrating into your existing workflows for familiarity and ease.

Condeco Sync monitors both calendars and automatically synchronizes any bookings made, edited or deleted, enabling users to make room bookings using any Exchange-enabled calendar such as mobile phones or Condeco room booking tools.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Condeco Sync for Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Exchange Rooms – Office 365

Condeco Room Finder Add-in

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Exchange Room Finder

The Room Finder for Outlook enables you to quickly find available rooms in Exchange and invite them to your appointment in Outlook. The room booking is then synchronized back to Condeco using the Condeco Sync Exchange integration.

The add-in is available through Microsoft App Source, and can be downloaded and activated in seconds. Available for Outlook Windows and Mac, and Outlook Web Access. Use of Condeco Sync is required.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Condeco Sync for Microsoft Exchange
  • Condeco Room Finder Add-in (Microsoft App Source)

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Microsoft Teams and Condeco

Enable users to book meeting rooms in Teams and automatically synchronize room bookings with Condeco through Condeco’s Exchange synchronization module.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Condeco Sync for Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Teams – Office 365

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Power BI and Condeco

Gain powerful insights into historical resource usage by importing Condeco booking data into Microsoft Power BI.

Condeco can store historical booking data in a reporting-friendly data mart, enabling you to build reporting dashboards in Power BI and perform complex analysis tasks in seconds with no impact on database performance.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Condeco Data Analytics
  • Power BI Subscription
  • We advise for a data analyst to be available to support the set-up of your dashboards and tools in your chosen data analytics solution.

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Azure Hosting and Condeco

Standardize onto one scalable solution in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, creating the same seamless experience for every user in your organization, no matter where they are.

Our Azure-based solution is underpinned by one of the largest global multi-terabit networks. We use live monitoring to proactively review all aspects of our cloud solution. Auto-scaling enables us to keep your application running smoothly by automatically and instantly adding more resources as loads increase.

We offer a variety of infrastructure deployment services to suit your specific business requirements.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking or Desk Booking Software
  • Condeco Cloud Hosting

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Skype for Business

Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software can automatically create a Skype for Business meeting when one or more Skype rooms have booked in Condeco, or add rooms you have booked in Condeco to your Skype for Business meeting, ensuring a seamless in-room experience upon arrival.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Condeco Skype for Business Integration
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