Mobile Desk Booking

Condeco’s mobile desk booking apps for IOS & Android make it easy for people to quickly book desks, find colleagues and manage bookings on the go.

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Desk booking on the go

Condeco Mobile Desk Booking allows users to book desks wherever they are, ideal for ad hoc bookings or when someone forgot to book a desk. The app connects to the Condeco desk booking system to give instant access to a choice of available desks for locations that the user has access to.

Manage Bookings

Desk bookings are shown in a list view by date. Changing a booking is straightforward, whether users just want to book for another date, add additional dates to an existing booking, or cancel a booking.

Find colleagues

The app allows you to find the whereabouts of colleagues. This feature helps teams to find each other more quickly, saving valuable time in the workday.

Easy setup

Your staff can download the app and set up in a simple two-step process. If Condeco is linked to Active Directory, they can login with their existing details. Once logged in, they stay logged in for convenient on-going access.

Available for IOS and Android

Condeco Mobile Desk Booking is available for a range of phones, closely meeting the standards for each platform hence ensuring an intuitive and fluid experience for the device you are using.

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