Speaking with Paul Statham of Condeco Software

Ryan is joined by Founder and CEO of Condeco Software, Paul Statham. Condeco software are a market leader in workspace management and resource scheduling software. Paul talks all about how he scaled the company and why listening to your customers and the market and innovating to match their needs is the key to success and longevity as a software company.


  • Condeco’s product was launched back in 2005, it took them over 10 years to hit their first 10 million in revenue. They then took on investment and over 5 years got to 60 million. Then just last year they managed to grow from 60 to 100 million in just 18 months.
  • They work with enterprise clients to right size their workspace scheduling. It’s an incredibly complex task and having the right data and software to make it happen is a fine tech art.
  • Offices are very different spaces post-pandemic. There are a lot more complexities involved, including a lot more flexible working. This is something Condeco have mastered and they even won an award for the work they have done with their software.
  • The US can be a really difficult market to crack if you aren’t from there. It’s one of the reasons Paul moved across there from the UK.
  • What Paul and his team now calls ‘customer success’ is simply just listening to their customers and changing and adapting their product to suit their needs. Something they have done since day one and has allowed them to have the success they have today.
  • Condeco’s scale and growth from 10 to 60 million relied on building their teams, both in size and with leadership too. It was hard to hand over the reins but Paul realised he needed to bring people in so that they could scale big and scale together.
  • Empowering people and allowing mistakes to happen is how Paul manages his teams. He believes in controlled risk, fostering change and allowing people to innovate themselves, being careful to never micromanage.


  • “One of the challenges in the post-pandemic world is how do you bring people together to collaborate again”
  • “Our first 50 customers helped us build the best product on the planet”
  • “Selling is an art form”
  • “Always be ready to listen to the customers, to the market and to innovate to what they want”

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