Condeco Room and Desk Booking System has been selected to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework

Leading workplace solutions provider to help boost public sector real estate workplace and workforce efficiency

Condeco, a global leader in workplace management technology, has been selected to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework, making its leading software and systems available to thousands of government departments across the UK.

Condeco’s suite of solutions for managing real estate has already been adopted by more than 100 central and local government departments, including more than 50 councils and NHS trusts, helping reduce expensive real estate by driving efficiency, while also boosting employee productivity and experience thus generating huge savings.

G-Cloud 10 is the latest version of the government’s procurement system allowing all public sector organisations to access cloud technology and services from pre-approved suppliers, cutting out lengthy tender processes and red tape. As a member of the G-Cloud 10 system, Condeco’s solutions are now pre-approved and directly available to all public sector organisations.

Condeco’s suite of solutions helps organisations make the most of their office space. It uses its innovative software platform, hosted by Microsoft Azure, to integrate with Outlook, and its industry leading hardware, to manage meeting room and desk bookings. This creates a great, frictionless user experience for staff and visitors using their offices, and enables users to easily arrange extra facilities for meetings such as video-conferencing, catering and consumable services.

Condeco Room and Desk Booking System has been selected to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework

Condeco has been selected to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework

Using the Condeco suite, staff can make their own bookings directly, making office space management completely paperless, while also providing a centralised system to constantly analyse how efficiently office space is being used.The system reduces the stress of office working and cuts costs by using available office and meeting room space with maximum efficiency.

Existing public sector customers of Condeco include Severn Trent Water, where its systems, including touch screens outside meetings rooms, helped reduce wasted meeting room time by 30%.

Coventry City Council has also introduced Condeco’s room booking system and saw an immediate improvement in efficiency, with internal office space used more effectively, so cutting the need for external room-hire and allowing it to consolidate its estate of buildings and save money.

At Nottingham City Council, Condeco systems led to a dramatic improvement in workspace efficiency. The systems cut office space needed by more than a third and generated a saving of £3.9 million.

Craig Seager, Workspace Director at Condeco said: “We are extremely pleased to be selected on the UK Government’s latest iteration of G-Cloud. We are looking forward to the new opportunities presented via the Digital Marketplace and to expand our presence in this vital part of the UK economy.

“Our systems can help save significant sums of public money by a more efficient use of office space, but it’s not just about the savings. Condeco’s systems and solutions give insightful data which helps real estate teams to create the right office environment and experience for its staff and users. This can help and support current Wellbeing practices that are being adopted, reduce absenteeism and workplace stress and help public servants get on with their valuable work.”

Condeco believes it can now play a major role in the latest public sector efficiency initiative, the Government Property Agency, which was launched earlier this year with the aim of saving up to £2.4 billion in taxpayers money by more efficient use of the Government’s significant property portfolio. The GPA will eventually take responsibility for managing 1,000 Government properties.

The GPA’s plans have already seen the creation of 12 Government office hubs across the UK including sites in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and London’s Canary Wharf. So far the scheme has cut the amount of office space used per full time civil servant by a quarter from 8sq/m to 6 sq/m.

Condeco believes its systems and services could help the Government achieve similar savings at others sites and across the British public sector.

About G-Cloud 1O
G-Cloud 10 is part of the Government’s Digital Marketplace allowing central Government, local authorities, NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies a way to purchase cloud-based services from a single central website. Since the first iteration of G-Cloud was launched in 2012, more than £3 billion worth of cloud and digital service have been purchased through the system.The latest iteration, G-Cloud-10, has awarded places to 3505 suppliers and is expected to be worth £600 million.

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