Condeco unveils its latest innovative product designed for workers on the move.

Over the last decade the workplace has changed significantly, from a relatively static work environment to a much more flexible space which is mainly due to a major influx of technology. Workers no longer spend all of their time in the office, sat at their workstations; in fact, 33% of the average worker’s time is spent away from their desk to attend meetings, group sessions or even work from home.

This has lead to a huge change in workplace utilisation; more and more people are working on the go and at home, outside of standard working hours. The general workforce has become much more flexible and the usage of smartphones for work purposes has increased radically.

Portio Research has forecasted 4.4 billion users, worldwide to be using mobile apps by the end of 2017, with an estimated 200+ billion apps getting downloaded that year.

As a leading provider of workspace utilisation solutions, Condeco foresaw these changes and evolved their product suite to suit the more agile workforce. As part of the new 2.5 Condeco enterprise system, Condeco decided to design and develop two mobile booking apps for meeting rooms and desks.

The Condeco meeting room booking app lets you book, amend and cancel meeting room bookings on the go. It provides your staff with a convenient way to manage room bookings, which will result in better meeting room usage. The new app also enables staff to book a desk anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to booking your desk, the Condeco desk booking app makes it easy to book and manage your desk booking on the move. The app creates greater flexibility for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Both Condeco mobile apps are compatible with IOS smartphones and are now available for downloading.

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