Desk Booking Kiosk

Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk is a user-friendly touch screen that enables your staff to book workstations when and where they need them. The touch screen can be put in lobby areas on a stand or wall mounted creating an attractive and cost effective booking solution. It connects to Condeco Desk Booking Software, providing a seamless desk booking solution for a more efficient and flexible work environment.

Easy log in via RFID card

Your staff can quickly log in by swiping their RFID staff card on the inbuilt card reader. Alternatively, they can enter a username and password using the on-screen keyboard. The Kiosk connects to Active Directory, simplifying the booking process with one log in.

Same day booking

Your staff can easily book desks for the same day from a floor plan showing availability. Desks that match user profile requirements, such as docking station or disabled access, are highlighted. Should their preferred area already be booked, they can easily search, select and book other suitable desks available in the same building.

Find a colleague

The Kiosk has an easy to use desk search function that lets your staff search for colleagues on the same day. It shows if a colleague has a booking, is checked in and shows their location on the floor plan. This feature helps teams to find each other more quickly, saving valuable time in the workday.

Managing Bookings

Users can easily see all their bookings for days ahead on the kiosk, can check the location of the desks booked, or delete bookings that are no longer required.

Easy check in

Your staff can check in for a desk booking by swiping their RFID card or logging in with a PIN. To further optimize your workspace, the system can be set to release the desk within a specified time frame. This lessens the impact of no-shows. Your staff can also release the desk when they leave for others to use increasing overall desk usage.

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