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Our suite of connected workplace tools help you maximise efficiency and productivity of every workspace. Our one single platform integrates meeting room and desk booking software, together with elegant hardware for a truly pioneering solution. Learn how Condeco Enterprise will transform your workplace today.

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Occupancy Sensing

Typical utilisation of office space is just 39%. That’s a lot of paid-for ‘real estate’ that isn’t being used. By monitoring, measuring and reporting usage in real-time, Condeco Sense has helped hundreds of businesses to significantly reduce real estate costs.

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Why work with us?

Since 2005 we’ve helped over a million users to meet and interact more efficiently. Tried and trusted by over 700 global companies, we partner with our clients on their workplace transformation journey. From expert project management, technical consultancy and dedicated 24/7 support, we’re here to help you shape the future with confidence.

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Workspace Solutions

Hands down, Condeco is the best way to book and manage your meeting rooms. Our fully-integrated solution will help you maximise usage, efficiency and collaboration, while providing all the intelligence you need to quickly adapt to changing usage patterns in order to create an agile work environment. Within a month of deploying Condeco, BNP Paribas told us, “We’re seeing a major improvement in meeting room booking efficiency.” It’s intelligent, easy to use and comprehensive.

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BNP Paribas Real Estate has offices in 38 countries. Our Meeting Room Booking software “does exactly what is needed” meaning easier bookings and fewer empty rooms.

38 Countries
3,700 Staff

Hot, fixed or flexible. However you like your desks, we can organise them and reduce your real estate costs. Condeco’s Desk Booking software helped Barclays build a “more dynamic and flexible work environment,” after identifying that 20% of their desk space was unused at any given time. The seamless user-friendly interface makes it simple and intuitive for anyone to use, while management reports give facilities managers all the decision-making data they need.

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“Condeco gives us exactly what we need as a business. The software and screens are simple to use and the auto bump function reduces our no-shows.”

Efficiency up.
Costs down.

Condeco Digital Signage is the easiest way to find and book workspace. We can help people find and book space, avoid booking conflicts, control no-shows, and maximise meeting room utilisation. WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff worked with us to create a more collaborative and agile workplace. Meeting rooms are now fully optimised and their no-show problem has virtually diminished with the help of Condeco’s room booking screens. This helps the company to increase their operational efficiency and enables people to meet more effortlessly.

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“Before Condeco, it was chaos and a lot of guesswork. Now we can create spaces that really work for our offices. We can also, measure and monitor these spaces with accuracy, which help us plan for the future.”

763 Desks
84 Meeting Rooms

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Occupancy Sensing

Condeco Sense is a discreet, easy-to-install wireless sensor that monitors and measures usage of meeting rooms, desks and work spaces. This unique device helps you understand your usage patterns and optimize future resources. If desks or workspaces are under-used – or are not meeting demand – you’ll know, virtually in real-time. With increasingly flexible work patterns, Condeco Sense delivers valuable intelligence, without the need for intrusive walk-through auditing. On-costs are minimal and Sense runs on a wireless mesh outside your existing IT infrastructure.

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