Smart workspace scheduling.

With Condeco, your employees can work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively than ever before. Because when booking the right workspace is easy, everything else falls into place.

Better experience

In seconds, employees can find and book desks, meeting rooms, video conferencing, parking spaces, resources and more.

Workplace experience

Greater certainty

People can decide where and when they work, and be reassured the space they need will be there for them when they need it.

Book with certainty

Easier management

Seamless management of how workspaces are used avoids disorganization and maximizes efficiency.

Space management

Stronger planning

Leverage data to understand how spaces are utilized, so the right decisions on reshaping offices are made.

Workplace challenges

Workplace experiences made great

Happy employees are productive employees.

Condeco strips away the complexity of hybrid working and collaboration. With our solution employees can take full control of their workday planning: when they need to be in the office, finding the different workspaces they require, and booking them for the times they need them.

Our smart workspace scheduling is integrated with your employees’ digital work lives. Accessible via web, mobile apps or through our Microsoft Outlook Add-In, they can plan days, weeks and months ahead with certainty, wherever and whenever they work, including:

  • Finding and booking the right workspace via mobile, Outlook or web
  • Easily viewing available space via floorplans
  • Finding where and when co-workers are working each day and making plans accordingly

Workspace Management

Make every space bookable.

Condeco gives employees complete choice over the spaces and tools they need to work. You can plot all spaces and resources across your entire office environment, and give employees the ability to book what they need, when they need it.

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What kind of spaces can you schedule?

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Desk spaces

Flexible desk booking for flexible employees.

Book desk spaces with Condeco
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Collaboration spaces

Support casual, informal collaboration.

Book collaboration spaces with Condeco
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Meeting rooms

Effortless booking of meeting spaces.

Book meeting spaces with Condeco
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Touchdown spaces

Open desk space for informal work.

Book hot desks with Condeco
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Booth spaces

Dedicated private spaces for concentration.

Book office booths with Condeco
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Parking spaces

Deliver safety and security along with availability.

Book office parking spaces with Condeco
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Provide secure storage that employees can rely on.

Book office lockers with Condeco
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Video Meetings

Combine physical and virtual collaboration.

Book video meetings with Condeco

What can scheduling give your workforce?

Freedom in how and when they work.

Confidence they can access everything they need.

Easy collaboration with co-workers and other teams.

User interface

Complex workspace scheduling made easy.

Condeco is the easiest way to schedule workspaces, giving employees multiple ways and platforms from which they can find and book spaces.

In the calendar

Microsoft Outlook integration means suitable spaces booked within appointments.

Space Booking in Outlook Calendar - Condeco

On mobile

The iOS and Android mobile apps enable on-the-go booking of spaces and searchability of co-workers.

Mobile Office Space Booking - Condeco

On the web

The online portal allows for advanced management and searchability of workspaces.

Web interface for workspace bookings - Condeco

Workspace challenges solved

Bring your team back together again.

Employees need access to the right space and tools to do their jobs, day-in, day-out. Giving them that ability through Condeco empowers them to work where they are most productive: a win-win situation for them and for you.

Improve employee experience

Combine the best of office and remote working to inspire happiness and productivity.

  • Open up employee choice – Employees can easily book a variety of spaces when they need them through a simple app.
  • Enable smart workplace scheduling – Provide user-friendly tools for booking space anywhere, any time.
  • Help employees plan ahead – Give employees the freedom to match the spaces they need to their schedules.
  • Put the office at the core – Build a culture where the office is considered the ‘hub’ of your business.

Learn more about employee experience solutions

Workplace Employee Experience Software

Support workplace collaboration and enable teamwork that’s physical, virtual or a combination of the two.

  • Culture and connection. Help employees come together on-site to build stronger bonds.
  • A place to meet. Map out your meeting spaces to give employees choice over the best space to collaborate, whether physical, virtual or both.
  • Promote teamwork. Quick searchability of colleagues means it’s easy for employees to schedule space where they can work together.
  • Connect by calendar. A simple booking flow directly into a Microsoft Outlook calendar or mobile app makes booking a breeze.

Learn more about fostering collaboration

Workplace Collaboration Software

Deliver easy, fair and transparent access to space and ensure employees can always get the right spaces to work in.

  • Maximize efficiency – Give employees flexibility in their workday, making them happier and your business more productive.
  • Enable hybrid working – Employees can choose when best to work in the office, and the app tells their colleagues when they’ll be there.
  • Support employee well-being – With more choice over where they work, employees can create a better work-life balance.
  • Access to space – Employees can feel more productive and focused in their work when they can choose and book the spaces they prefer.

Learn more about increasing productivity

Workplace Productivity Software

Better data means better planning. With comprehensive reports, you can monitor the usage of your workspaces and continuously identify opportunities for improved efficiency.

  • Understand space demand – Get insights which spaces are popular and which are not.
  • Gauge employee satisfaction – Get reports on common issues and reasons for dissatisfaction
  • Respond to change – Understand patterns and work styles, and flex space needs to suit.
  • Save resources and costs – Get a global view of utilization to inform future planning decisions.

Learn more about workplace analytics

Workplace Analytics Software

How Ayesa enabled a smart working culture with Condeco.

“Condeco has helped us create a truly flexible workspace and maximize our space to its full potential. We’re so happy with the product that we plan to implement Condeco into some of our other offices in 2021.”

Juan de Dios, Ayesa

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