Digital Signage

Advanced digital signage solutions for your workspace.

Our beautifully designed, intuitive digital signage distinguishes our package
as the most advanced workspace management system on the market.

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Benefits for You


Green to Go

Red, amber and green LED status lights let you easily scan for free rooms. With 180° visibility, you can see instantly if rooms are occupied, booked or available.


Swipe or Tap in
for Fast Access

Room and desk screens allow you to check-in, book an available space or release it using your PIN or RFID card.


Free up Space

No shows are no longer a problem. Our screen and desk auto-bump feature releases the room within a set time frame, freeing the space for someone else to use.


Powerful Insights to
Perfect Your Workplace

We gather essential real-time data about how rooms and desks are booked and used to help you perfect and adapt your evolving, dynamic workspace.

Condeco Meeting Room Touch Screens

Condeco Meeting Room Screens: Find out if a room is reserved and for how long, or book on the fly at the touch of a button.

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Condeco Desk Screens

Is this seat taken? Condeco Desk Screens bring instant booking facilities right to your desk.

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Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk

The Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk stands in lobby areas to make booking desks effortless.

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Condeco Wayfinder

The Condeco Wayfinder: Find your meeting room-booking information by department, floor or building to get you on your way to your meeting, fast.

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“Condeco gives us exactly what we need as a business. The screens and wayfinder are simple to use and the
auto-bump function reduces our no-shows.”

Nicola Palmer, PA Concierge, Autotrader

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Condeco in the Cloud

Condeco Software-as-a-Service makes it even easier for you to manage your workplace solutions.

  • Unlimited user access
  • 24/7 global support
  • Near real-time setup
  • Managed service, security and compliance
  • Painless upgrade and migration
  • Cheaper to get up and running


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