Clear and visible signage

Red, amber and green lights on the screen let people see if a desk is occupied, booked or available at a glance. This removes the need for guessing whether someone is in a meeting or has gone for a coffee. Booking information is also displayed on screen, making it easy for staff to quickly find a desk or colleague.

Instantly ‘book’ and ‘check in’ to a desk

Your staff can book or check into a desk using their PIN or RFID access card. If they don’t check in within a set time-frame, the system can be set to automatically release the desk for others to book. This helps you to quickly identify available desk space and manage your workspace more efficiently.


Real time data at your fingertips

Each screen gathers essential real time data about how your workstations are being used. This enables you to make tactical decisions about how best to use the space, which can also inform your long-term real estate strategy.

A complete desk booking solution

As part of Condeco’s complementary suite of products, bookings can also be made through Condeco Desk Booking Software and from Condeco Desk Booking Kiosks, providing a comprehensive desk booking solution.

Ready to maximize your workspace?

Ready to maximize your workspace?

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