Videos | Solutions

The cost of meeting room no-shows webinar

In this webinar, we explore meeting room frustrations in a modern office, taking…

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Research Paper | Employee / Wellbeing

Modern Workplace Research 2019/20

In this report we examine the trends driving change and consider whether businesses…

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eBooks | Employee / Wellbeing

A Simple Guide to Change Management eBook

The modern workplace is, and always should be, an ever-evolving environment, reacting and…

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Infographics | Employee / Wellbeing

Do you know your Workspaces from your Workplaces? Infographic

A handy guide outlining the difference between your workspaces and your workplaces, and…

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Infographics | Employee / Wellbeing

The Future of Smart Buildings

Smart technology is now a prominent feature in our everyday lives, saving us…

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Whitepapers | Workplace

Creating Agile Organisations Whitepaper

Charting dynamic operational and cultural models for today’s agile organisations: What it takes…

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Infographics | Real Estate

Workplace Utilization Infographic

Collected data from Condeco’s workplace occupancy sensor reveals that most companies don’t know…

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Demo Videos | Solutions

Condeco Product Demo Video

Learn how our suite of connected workplace tools integrates within your workplace environment….

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Case Studies | Solutions

Ricoh Case Study

Ricoh was able to prove that they could utilise the space in their…

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Research Paper | Innovation

Modern Workplace Research 2018

The workplace is where people spend most of their time. How they respond…

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