How can you make your office come alive?

No, not like in a haunted house story where walls literally can talk.

But with the demands of today’s flexible work models, financial services organizations have had to fundamentally rethink how finance teams utilize physical office spaces, from offices to desks and even parking spaces.

Giving bankers, brokers, and credit analysts total control over their flexible workday removes collaboration barriers, gives them more time to Innovate, and makes the office a more rejuvenating, productive place.

The right workspace scheduling tool can do just that while also providing robust data on how physical spaces are being used, allowing you to tailor them to meet a diverse array of expectations.

With Condeco:

  • Book workspaces instantly and eliminate uncertainty: Give finance teams total control when planning their flexible workday, from securing a parking space to reserving a conference room for credit analysis discussions.
  • Adapt to shifting schedules on the fly: Instantly reschedule an afternoon conference call or make that in-person investment meeting a Teams call –directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Measure workspace usage and optimize every branch: Detailed data sets show you exactly how and when certain spaces are used, allowing you to optimize them to meet evolving employee and client needs.

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