Most of us have learned to be productive no matter how and where we work. Our recent survey shows 80% of managers agree, stating employees are just as productive working from home/digitally as they are at the office.1 And financial services companies expect to have 60% of their workforce working from home at least once a week going forward, according to PWC.2

This fundamental change over the last couple of years has come with its fair share of challenges, though. As banks and financial institutions take time to examine a hybrid working model, we explored how to:

  • Make instant bookings for financial reviews easier with just a few taps.
  • Support every type of meeting, from formal credit review, in-person financial consultations, new client video calls, and more from a single view.
  • Customize productivity and put bank employees in control of their workday.
  • Modify branch meetings on the fly, automatically from your device.
  • Connect and collaborate with bank colleagues across branches.

Our workplace scheduling solution unlocks digital capability and productivity across your organization.

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Download our infographic and see 5 ways your Bankers, Brokers, and Relationship Managers can take control of their workday with Condeco.




1 Attitudes to Hybrid Working. The impact of hybrid work on employees and employers. Condeco 2022

2 Financial services firms look to a future that balances remote and in-office work. PwC’s US Remote Work Survey, 2020

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