As our workplace evolves in the COVID-19 climate, enabling your employees to choose where they are most productive is even more prevalent.

So how do you plan for the transition, and for the future of office space with employees in mind?

Donna Forshaw, VP Sales America, Condeco, we will delve into the considerations you need to invest the time in to ensure this safe, long-term return to the office.

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The five main areas we will need to consider in the phased approach to the workplace return:

  1. The office we once knew – workplaces before lockdown
  2. The at-home office during lockdown, what can we learn?
  3. Planning the return and the transitional workplace
  4. Delivering the change through a safe and connected office
  5. Best of both worlds – merging the at-home and in-office benefits

A COVID-19 Secure Workplace

As we look to evolve our workplaces to support employee choice and flexibility in where it is best for them to work, promoting wellbeing and improved productivity, and one that fully supports collaboration and rethinks what the office purpose will be.

This webinar will give you the tools to enable a workforce expecting more flexibility in the way they work, and offices set to become more of a central place to meet and collaborate in.

Presented by:

Donna Forshaw

VP Sales, America

Donna is leading a team that is laser-focused on helping organizations understand and transform their workspaces; advocating the use of workspace technology with data analytics to help drive insight into space utilization to shape the future of workplaces.

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